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Istanbul is a city located in the Çatalca-Kocaeli region of the Marmara region of Turkey and is one of the 81 provinces of Turkey. Istanbul is the most visited tourist and metropolitan city from many parts of Turkey and the world. Istanbul almost amazes you with its historical buildings, mosques, colorful streets.

Istanbul is located in the Marmara Region of Turkey, on the shores of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. It has a unique geographical location with its location on both the Asian and European continents. It is also the second largest city of Turkey after the capital Ankara and has a great cultural, economic and historical background.


When you come to Istanbul, Istanbul offers you many different opportunities. There are many places to visit and you can discover unique dishes. In addition to the metropolitan city of Istanbul, it amazes with its natural beauties. You can Explore its Exquisite Beaches and Forests.

Istanbul is also very rich in terms of cultural and cultural events. There are many museums, art galleries, theaters and concert halls in the city. In addition, international film festivals, music festivals and other events are held every year.

Istanbul has been home to many civilizations throughout its history. First of all, M.D. 7. it was founded in the century as Byzantion, an ancient Greek colony. Later, it became the capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Istanbul Car Rental

Istanbul has developed in many ways due to the metropolitan city and it is reached faster than other provinces in terms of car rental. There are 2 airports in Istanbul, both in Asia and Europe, if you wish. Can you add comfort to your job interviews and vacation plan by using Sabiha Gökçen Airport Car Rental and Istanbul Airport car Rental locations?  Istanbul car rental prices There are vehicles suitable for every budget. by using the most suitable car rental options for your needs.  It compares the car rental companies in October that we have cooperated with with the car rental companies in Istanbul, the nearest and most advantageous car rental companies to the Istanbul Car Rental location, vehicles, prices, additional products for you in seconds. Paid paid car rental in Istanbul In order to take advantage of the advantageous Istanbul Car Rental opportunities, all you have to do is select the Istanbul Car Rental location where you want to pick up the vehicle and rent the vehicle you want with prepayment only without blocking your credit card limit after prepayment, you will be able to pay the rest of the amount at the car rental office. Can you find and rent the most suitable vehicle for your needs with Economical, Medium, Luxury, Premium, SUV and Minibus rental options? Explore, Rent, Enjoy!

Istanbul Car Rental Locations

İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanıİstanbul Yeni Havalimanı
İstanbul Avrupaİstanbul Bahçeşehirİstanbul Bostancıİstanbul Eyüpİstanbul İstinyeİstanbul Maltepe
İstanbul Alibeyköy    İstanbul Bakırköyİstanbul Buyaka AVMİstanbul Fatihİstanbul Oto Marketİstanbul Maslak
İstanbul Altunizadeİstanbul Başakşehirİstanbul Büyükçekmeceİstanbul Fulyaİstanbul Kadıköyİstanbul Mecidiyeköy
İstanbul Arnavutköyİstanbul Batışehirİstanbul Çatalcaİstanbul Gaziosmanpaşaİstanbul Kağıthaneİstanbul Merter
İstanbul Ataköyİstanbul Bayrampaşaİstanbul Çekmeköyİstanbul Göktürkİstanbul Kartalİstanbul Ortaköy
İstanbul Ataşehirİstanbul Bebekİstanbul Dudulluİstanbul Güneşliİstanbul Kavacıkİstanbul Pendik
İstanbul Avcılarİstanbul Beşiktaşİstanbul Eminönüİstanbul Güngörenİstanbul Kozyatağıİstanbul  Sancaktepe
İstanbul Bağcıılarİstanbul Beykozİstanbul Esenlerİstanbul Halkalıİstanbul Küçükçekmeceİstanbul Sarıyer
İstanbul Bağdat Caddesiİstanbul Beylikdüzüİstanbul Etilerİstanbul Haremİstanbul Kurtköyİstanbul Şile
İstanbul Bahçelievlerİstanbul Beyoğluİstanbul Esenyurtİstanbul Harem Otogarİstanbul Leventİstanbul Silivri
İstanbul Şişliİstanbul Suadiyeİstanbul Sultanahmetİstanbul Sultanbeyliİstanbul Sultangaziİstanbul Taksim
İstanbul Tuzlaİstanbul Ümraniyeİstanbul Üsküdarİstanbul Yenibosnaİstanbul Zeytinburnuİstanbul Zincirlikuyu

Places To Visit And Sights in Istanbul after renting your car, explore the wonderful historical buildings of Istanbul, its natural beauties with your rental car and enjoy your trip! We have prepared a list of places to visit and places to see in Istanbul for you, let's check it out together:

  • Topkapı sarayı
Topkapı sarayı

Topkapi palace, which is one of the most important places you should definitely come and see in Istanbul, has been the center of settlement and state administration of the Ottoman sultans for 400 years. Topkapi Palace, which contains traces of history, should definitely be added to your travel plan. There are compartments such as Harem, Private Room, Garden of Mansions, Babu's-Saade waiting for you during your trip to Topkapi Palace. Topkapi Palace You can add comfort to your enjoyment by renting a car in Istanbul on other days except Tuesdays.

  • Galata Kulesi
Galata Kulesi

Galata tower Galata tower, located in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, takes its name from the Galata district where it is located. It was built as a watchtower within the walls of Galata and was used for different purposes in different periods. since 2020, it has been used as an exhibition and museum. When you go up to the Galata tower, you can have a meal against the unique view and enjoy the pleasure with your loved ones.

  • Dolmabahçe Sarayı
Dolmabahçe Sarayı

Dolmabahçe Palace is located in the Besiktas district of Istanbul, north-east of the Bosphorus. The construction of Dolmabahçe Palace was started by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1843 and was completed and opened for service in 1856. This palace replaced the Topkapi Palace and became the new residence of the Ottoman sultans. When you come to Dolmabahçe palace, you are greeted by 3 rooms: selamlik, Haremlik and Muayede hall. If you have a trip plan to Istanbul Dolmabahce, you can add pleasure and comfort to your trip plan by renting a car in Istanbul Besiktas with your loved ones.

  • Ayasofya Cami
Ayasofya Cami

Hagia Sophia Mosque is located on Sultanahmet Square, on the historical peninsula of Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was built as a church during the Byzantine period, then it was turned into a mosque by the Ottomans. For this reason, the architecture embodies both Byzantine and Ottoman architectural features. Hagia Sophia mosque is the place where many locals and tourists flock and leaves those who come to visit amazed. It is very close to the center of Istanbul and you can visit Istanbul by renting a car.

  • Meşhur Kapalı Çarşı
Kapalı Çarşı

The Grand Bazaar is located on Beyazit Square, on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, and there are many shops in it, and it is a frequented point for locals and foreigners. The covered bazaar was built when Fatih Sultan Mehmet was the sultan and it has been standing for 550 years. The Grand Bazaar is close to the city center and you can visit it by renting a car in Istanbul.

  • Rumeli Hisarı
Rumeli Hisarı

Rumeli Fortress is one of the icons of Istanbul and is currently used as a museum. Outdoor events, concerts and exhibitions are organized in it. You can visit the magnificent view of Istanbul with your loved ones by renting a car.

  • Sultan Ahmet Cami
Sultan Ahmet Cami

Sultan Ahmet Mosque has a great importance both from a religious and architectural point of view. Sultan Ahmet mosque, which has the feature of being the only mosque built with 6 minarets, is one of the must-visit points. By renting a car in Istanbul, you can visit with your family or loved ones.

  • Kız Kulesi
Kız Kulesi

Maiden's Tower is a historical tower located on an islet at the southern entrance of the Istanbul Strait, close to Üsküdar. The Maiden's Tower is one of the symbols of the city and is one of the frequented points of many locals and tourists. With a restaurant inside, you can enjoy a dinner with your loved ones against a unique view.

  • Yerebatan Sarnıcı
Yerebatan Sarnıcı

The Basilica Cistern, one of the most magnificent historical structures of the historical peninsula, was built by the Byzantine Emperor I. It was built by Justinian (527-565). These are the structures used to meet the water supply and storage needs of humanity throughout history. Jul. Your Basilica Cistern is a place that many local and foreign tourists have visited and admired. You can add color and comfort to your trip plan by renting a car in Istanbul.

How to Rent a Car in Istanbul?

If you want to get a car rental service, many local and international car rental companies and rent-a-car companies it is located on. Car rental companies located in Istanbul usually offer daily, weekly, monthly or longer-term car rental options.

It is important to pay attention to the following issues before purchasing a car rental service:

  1. Car rental company: It is important to choose a well-known and reliable car rental company. you can compare corporate car rental companies safely within seconds and easily rent the car you want.
  2. Vehicle options: The vehicle options available in the car rental company's fleet should suit your needs and preferences. You can evaluate factors such as vehicle class, brand, model, fuel type and other characteristics and make your choice accordingly.
  3. Pricing and additional fees: Car rental prices may vary depending on the rental period October, vehicle class, insurance coverage and other factors. You should also take into account issues such as October surcharges, taxes, insurance and fuel policies. You should avoid hidden costs by carefully reading the contract and agreement terms.
  4. Insurance coverage: You should review the insurance coverage offered by the car rental company and determine what kind of insurance police it falls under. You can evaluate options such as comprehensive insurance, theft insurance, car insurance and choose an insurance package according to your needs.
  5. Rental period and mileage limitation: You should take into account rental conditions such as car rental period and mileage limitation. Usually, prices may increase as the rental period extends, and the mileage limit may also be subject to a certain limitation. By determining the rental period and mileage limitation issues in advance under the terms of the agreement, you will not encounter surprises.
  6. Car pickup and return: The car rental company's car pickup and return processes may vary. you can access the rental conditions of the suppliers.

Car Rental Companies in Istanbul

TURMOBİL CAR RENTALCARVENTOLet’sTRRENTRIUM CAR RENTAL how to rent a Car through it? renting a car through a car rental platform is a fairly simple process. By following the steps below you can perform the car rental process through:

  1. Login to the Website: Using your browser go to the website or download the Rent a Car mobile app (Appstore,Google Play Store, Huawei App).
    Car Search: Using the Dec Dec search form on the main page, select the information such as the city where you want to rent a car, rental date, delivery location and return location and click on the "Find a Car" button.
  2. Vehicle Selection: You can view the vehicles that are suitable for you in the vehicle search results.Dec. You can make a choice by examining the details, prices, rental conditions and features of the vehicles.
  3. Reservation: After choosing a vehicle you like, continue the reservation process by clicking on the "Rent Now" button.
  4. Filling in the Information: Fill in the rental information. Dec paid services may include details such as your first name, last name, contact information, payment information, additional services. October 27, 2019.
  5. Pay paid: Make the prepayment process to complete your reservation. it accepts paying by credit card. You can confirm your reservation by completing your pay in a secure way.
  6. Reservation Confirmation: After the paying process is completed, a booking confirmation will be sent to you by. The booking confirmation will contain rental details, vehicle information, prices and other important information.
  7. Vehicle Delivery and Return: By following the instructions on the booking confirmation, you can pick up your vehicle and return the vehicle to the agreed delivery point at the end of the rental period.

How Can I Keep Track of Current Car Rental Campaigns? , aims to provide discounted car rental opportunities to its users on a continuous basis through collaborations and campaigns. If you want to review our current campaigns by visiting the "Campaigns" page, you can receive regular e-mails about the campaigns as a member.

How are Car Rental Cancellation and Refund Procedures Performed?

Which is the new generation car rental motive you can send your request by clicking on the cancellation and refund link of the reservations you have made through it or by calling our reservation contact center number. Your cancellation and refund request will be finalized on the same day. After the cancellation and refund procedures are completed, if the relevant amount is canceled on the same day, if it is canceled on the following days, it will usually be reflected on your credit card within 4 working days, but the processing time may take longer depending on the bank processes. You can take a look at our "Cancellation and Refund" page to get detailed information about cancellation and refund conditions. the car rental platform offers a practical car rental experience to its users with its user-friendly interface and easy booking processes. For all your questions, suggestions and opinions about car rental, please use the contact page, call our reservation center on 0850 888 66 55 or [email protected] you can contact us via the address.

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