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Hatay, the cradle of civilizations, has been home to many states throughout history. There are still many historical places to visit in this city, where you can visit buildings belonging to various states and nations.

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Short Information About Hatay?

Hatay is the city of peace, brotherhood and tolerance, which is one of the first settlements of humanity, where different cultures and different beliefs have lived Decently from the past to the present, Hatay is the city of peace, brotherhood and tolerance;

Hatay is a cradle of civilizations that have carried their cultures to the present day. Hatay, known for its beautiful nature and delicious food, is a city that amazes us with its history. Hatay, which joined the territory of the country after the declaration of the republic, is also known as Antakya. It can be said that Hatay, which is home to great empires, holy religions and countless peoples, is the most developed city in terms of faith tourism.

Hatay Car Rental? 

Although Hatay is a city with high mountains, it is a city with the potential to offer us the beauties of its geographical location. In order not to miss the beauty of the Hatay mountains arabakirala.com.tr . you can visit, you can rent a car that adapts to geographical conditions.

Hatay Places to Visit?

  • historical places
  • Parks
  • Architectural Structures
  • Sacred and Religious Places
  • Castles
  • Museums

At the first stage of your Hatay culture journey, you can visit Habib-i Neccar Mosque, which is the first mosque established in Anatolia. You can observe the amazing architecture of the Ottoman period. The Prophet of the Mosque. The fact that Jesus bears the name of the first person who believed in his apostles shows tolerance in this area.

You can continue your journey for a long time. The legendary Antakya Uzun Bazaar is an authentic bazaar where you can find local delicacies. Another exciting attraction is St. The Church of Pierre and the Charonion. Considered the world's first cave church, this 2000-year-old structure is one of the holiest pilgrimage centers in Christianity. Hatay, which has a more historical and cultural place, should definitely be added to your travel plan.

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