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Gaziantep is perhaps one of the most important tours of Turkey. Because Gaziantep has many interesting features for domestic and foreign tourists. Gaziantep is an important city famous for its historical monuments and food.

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Short Information About Gaziantep?

Located between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Dec, Gaziantep, the mother of many civilizations since ancient times, is a city that has maintained its vitality and dynamism since ancient times. According to the rumor, the real name of Gaziantep is Ayintap. This name was given to the city because of the abundance of water. However, over time, this name was changed to Antepi. Gaziantep became Gaziantep by receiving the title of Gazi due to its heroism in the War of Independence. Gaziantep, the eighth largest city in Turkey, is also under the auspices of UNESCO as the "Gastronomy City of the World".

Gaziantep Car Rental?

To explore the beauties of this historical city, which is the subject of legends, is an epic for languages.To rent an affordable car in Gaziantep to experience the flavors of Gaziantep cuisine you can make a quick search and explore the city comfortably.Dec.

Gaziantep Places to Visit?

  • historical places
  • Parks
  • Architectural Structures
  • Sacred and Religious Places
  • Castles
  • Museums

The city, which is an important Silk Road crossing point, is highly developed in terms of cultural heritage. In addition, gourmet tours are organized frequently to Antep, which is also developing with its food culture. Gaziantep is surrounded by Kahramanmaraş, Yavuzeli, Nizip, Kilis, Oguzeli, Islahiye and Nurdağı. In this direction, many tourists who come to Gaziantep can visit the surrounding provinces with rented vehicles. During the trip to Gaziantep; Historical Antep Houses, Demirciler Bazaar, Bedesten, Zeugva Antique City, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep Castle, Dülük Antique City, Rumkale, Gaziantep Zoo.

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