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Rize, which attracts nature lovers from all over the world and hides a different natural wonder in every corner, is one of the green cities worth exploring in our country.

Rize Şehir Merkezi

Short Information About Rize?

Rize, located in the northeast of Turkey, is the wettest city in the country. there are about 350 thousand people in the city, which has 12 districts.  When the War of Independence was won and the Republic of Turkey was established, Rize merged with Artvin for a short time and took the name of Coruh Province. Later, it became the Province of Rize on April 20, 1924.. with the beginning of tea production in 1937, the economic income of the local people increased. It bears the characteristics of the Black Sea and has a very important tourist destination with steep valleys, mountains, lakes, plains, bridges, castles and streams. The city, which welcomes a large number of tourists in summer and spring, is increasing its potential every day.

Rent a Car in Rize?

Jul Rize, the Black Sea city known for its plateaus, forests, fresh air and exquisite food in a thousand and one shades of green, is one of the unchanging sightseeing routes of the Black Sea, which has attracted great attention especially in recent years. If you have a plan such as taking a business trip or visiting family and friends arabakirala.com.tr you can rent a car and comfortably explore the surrounding highlands. For affordable car rental in Rize arabakirala.com.tr you can make a quick search and explore the city comfortably.Dec.

Places to Visit in Rize?

  • Architectural Structures
  • Museums
  • Lakes
  • Historical Places
  • Parks
  • Religious buildings
  • Highlands

Rize, which has dozens of developed tourist opportunities such as Ayder plateau, Pokut plateau, Huser plateau and Anzer plateau, visited by thousands of people every year, where you can visit guided nature tours, mountain tours and photo safaris in spring and summer; Rize is a paradise for both nature and photography enthusiasts with its plains offering magnificent views at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains, white waterfalls flowing from a meter high from endemic plant species and huge stone bridges built on Storm Creek.

The city attracts gastronomy enthusiasts every season with its delicious regional dishes. You should definitely leave a place in your Rize Travel plan; arabakirala.com.tr . you can rent a car without any problems. I wish you a good trip already.

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