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You can perform car rental services with a driving license of at least 1 year. You can benefit from the rental service with your driver's license, ID or passport. Rental conditions may vary with our suppliers, you can list the car rental companies suitable for your conditions by using a filter during the reservation inquiry stage.

A deposit is collected from your credit card by the supplier company that you have rented a car, in amounts that vary according to the class or group of the vehicle. Traffic fines, HGS uses, damages for which an accident report is not issued, etc. that may occur during the deposit process rental period. It is used in transactions to be determined by the supplier company contract, such as After you return the vehicle you have rented to the supplier company, your collateral amount is returned to your credit card. The return period of the guarantee amount varies according to the supplier company, but is between 2-15 working days.

First of all, you must have a credit card issued in your name for the reservation. You must have a driver's age and license period suitable for the vehicle segment you have chosen, and you must have your new type of driver's license, ID or passport with you when you pick up the vehicle. Supplier companies carry out *Financial Analysis (Findeks) control after booking, your financial analysis must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the supplier company. After booking, you can have your financial analysis done by the supplier company and in case of any problem, you can get a full refund of the prepaid amount you have paid.

As a car rental comparison site, compares and lists the vehicles of more than 45+ car rental companies with suitable options after you enter the location and date information you want to rent. You can filter according to the preference you want by selecting the features such as increasing or decreasing according to the price, increasing or decreasing according to the company, or the gear, fuel and vehicle brand of the car. To find the cheapest rental car, we recommend that you choose the appropriate one from the filtering section. operates as a car rental marketplace. We combine the car rental services offered by different car rental companies in one place via our website and mobile platforms and enable customers to easily compare prices and make reservations.

To rent a car at, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to website or Rent a Car mobile application.
  2. Determine the delivery and return locations, dates and times of the vehicle you want to rent.
  3. Using this information, the system will list you available vehicles and prices.
  4. Choose the most suitable option for you by comparing the prices offered by different car rental companies.
  5. Fill out the reservation form and make your payment.

Once you have made a reservation, the car rental company will send you the reservation confirmation. If you encounter any problems during the rental period, you can contact the customer service team of

In case of an accident, our guests should definitely keep the police or gendarmerie report in case of a one-sided accident. In case of double-sided accidents, an accident report should be kept together with the vehicles involved in the accident. You must notify the supplier company that you have rented, together with this report you have kept. If you have purchased a supplemental assurance package while renting, you can contact the supplier to fill in the accident report according to the extent of the damage or continue with your transactions by getting the information that repair can be provided within the scope of the declaration.

It is very easy to rent a car via web, mobile web and mobile applications. Moreover, all our guests using our mobile application rent their vehicles with an extra 5% discount. After entering the location, date and time information you want to rent, will find the most suitable rental car for you, filter it and you will complete your reservation in just 2 steps.

Yes, many car rental companies offer a one-day car rental option. However, some car rental companies may not offer this option or require a minimum rental period. Since it may differ between rental companies, it is best to find the appropriate company by inquiring on for a one-day car rental option.

In such a case, if you contact the supplier company that you rented the car from, the supplier company officials will help you. If you want to deliver the car you have rented before the rental period, the cancellation and return conditions offered by the supplier company will apply. Depending on the conditions of the supplier company, the cost of the days you do not use can be refunded by the company you rented the car. If you want to extend your rental period, you will make an additional payment over the car rental fee schedule determined by the supplier company.

All highways, private highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. you have used during your car rental period. Paid passes are covered by the car rental guest. The collection of HGS/OGS passes you have used varies according to the supplier company. During your rental period, your HGS/OGS usage can be collected instantly from your credit card registered with the supplier company, or it can be collected from your deposit after the vehicle is returned. In case your deposit amount does not meet the HGS/OGS balance, your credit card in the system is also charged. Although the rate of car rental companies varies, they can collect a service fee from your HGS / OGS use.

Cancellation and return conditions are offered by the suppliers, therefore, the cancellation and return conditions of each supplier company vary. Rent a Car offers an unconditional and free return service to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction and uninterrupted service. You can visit our help page for more detailed information about cancellation and refund conditions.

Payments other than credit cards are not accepted by the supplier companies in car rental. However, when you make your car rental reservation through Rent a Car, you can make your prepayment amount with a virtual card, debit card, credit card or supplementary card. When you go to collect the vehicle you have rented by the supplier company, only a credit card registered in your name is processed at the supplier's office and other options (bank card, virtual card, etc.) are not accepted.

If you have made your car rental reservation through, you can access your reservation information after entering your login information. You can also get detailed information from our call center number +90 850 888 66 55. If you have shared your e-mail and GSM information, confirmation information is sent via e-mail or SMS to the phone.

All transactions you will make over are secured by SSL certificate. Credit card, debit card, prepaid card, salary card etc. that you entered while completing your car rental reservation. 3D Security security measure is offered for all payment instruments. All financial transactions made on are carried out through PayTR.

No credit card transactions can be made by our car rental suppliers. After the rental process, you must present a credit card registered in your name to the rental office, otherwise your car rental reservation will be cancelled. After the cancellation process, your reservation prepayment is returned to your credit card without interruption.

There are many contracted corporate car rental companies on, and the rental policies and security standards of each may differ. works with all corporate car rental companies that provide reliable and specific service standards. You can safely rent a car through our website or our Rent a Car mobile application.

Findeks Report; It is a report showing your total credit, credit card, overdraft account debt and payment information in banks. The factors that make up your Findeks Grade are determined through this report. When renting a car, the Findeks Note request is an assurance for companies that provide car rental services. Findeks Rating may vary according to the vehicle segment you want to rent. Supplier companies have the right to evaluate the total limit and debt information of your credit, credit card and overdraft accounts or similar overdraft products at all banks, the information that your overdraft products are open/closed, and the past payment performance of your overdraft products, regardless of Findeks score.

The deposit is usually made by credit card. The car rental company blocks a certain amount from your credit card during the rental and this amount is used if the car is damaged or incomplete. The blocked amount may vary depending on the rental period, the type of vehicle, insurance options and the policies of the car rental company.

In the event of a rental car accident, first of all, it is necessary to take the vehicle to a safe place and inform the rental company. In case of bilateral accidents, detailed accident pictures of the vehicle should be taken by keeping an Accident Detection Report. In traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle or injured, a report must be kept by informing the police or gendarmerie.

Must be at least 21 years old (in some companies 18 may be sufficient), have a driver's license and be valid for at least 1 year, have a credit card. Also, some car rental companies may set specific credit rating or credit history requirements, in addition to age limits and driver's license duration. For this reason, it is important to research the policies of car rental companies on and learn about the requirements.


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