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Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is also the second most populous city in the country. There are many ruins in Ankara in terms of historical and cultural heritage. Ankara is one of the cities that you should definitely visit and see for your sightseeing and business meetings Dec.

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Short Information About Ankara?

the history of Ankara, which has been the capital of our country since 1923, dates back 5000 years. The ancient city has been home to dozens of different civilizations throughout history, from the Hittites to the Persians, from the Lydians to the Byzantines. In the years when Ankara was chosen as the capital, it was a small, poor and barren city with few buildings. This historical city, which became a symbol of our national struggle as the administrative center during the preparation and stage of our National Struggle, was gradually expanded after the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923 and gained a new, spacious and modern City appearance.

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Ankara Car Rental?

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is one of the central cities in terms of business and tourism. Although it is known as a bureaucratic center, it welcomes tens of thousands of guests every day, and many people who come to the city prefer to use Ankara car rental services for a comfortable transportation experience. For affordable and reliable car rental service . you can do your transactions. . you can easily make transactions without going to the city via the website, and you can plan your transportation for your trip to Ankara without any problems. You should also consider the car rental option when planning your trip, because Ankara is a city where you can explore more easily with car rental services, manage your time in the best way to get things done, and then have fun and have fun.

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Places to Visit in Ankara?

  • historical places
  • Private Museums
  • Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Architectural Structures
  • Sacred and Religious Places
  • Lakes

 Ankara, the most visited monument of Ataturk in our country is the Anitkabir located in Anittepe, where there is a monument. The tomb, which took nine years to build, reflects the Ottoman and Seljuk periods as well as the architecture of that period. The history of Ankara Castle, another symbol of Ankara, M.D. II. Its history dates back centuries. When you go to the castle in the Altindag district, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Ankara.

Like some other tourist stops, you can visit to understand the cultural texture of Ankara; Beypazarı district, whose history dates back to the Hittites, is famous for its ancient houses, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Haci Bayram Mosque, Augustus Temple, Ulus Square and Victory Monument, Abdi Park Ipekci, Golden Park, Botanical Garden, Kuğulu Park, Mongolian Park. People can have a fun time on Argentina Street, famous for its cafes and bars, which is one of the meeting points of young people. Ankara car rental is available at affordable prices and different location options for your needs(Ankara Çankaya-Ankara Çubuk-Ankara Elmadağ-Ankara Etimesğut- Ankara Kazan-Ankara Keçiören-Ankara Kızılay-Ankara Mamak -Ankara Polatlı-Ankara Pursaklar-Ankara Sincan-Ankara Yenimahalle- Ankara Demetevler) with the service . you can get it from the address.Jul.

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