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The Volkswagen Golf is one of Volkswagen's most iconic models with its small dimensions, ergonomic interior, rich equipment and sporty design. First produced in 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has survived 8 different generations by undergoing major changes over the years. The new generation model, the eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf, was introduced in 2019 and put on sale in our country in 2021. With its sharper lines and innovative design compared to previous generations, the Volkswagen Golf has gained a much sportier appearance. featuring a compact body structure with a length of 4286 mm, a width of 1,789 mm and a height of 1491 mm, the new Volkswagen Golf offers a practical driving experience in congested cities and congested areas with improved driving dynamics and handling.

Volkswagen Golf Car Rental

What are the Characteristics of Volkswagen Golf?

Due to Volkswagen's new production and sales strategies, there is no longer a diesel engine option in its models. The Golf, which is offered for sale with three different TSI gasoline engine options, reduces fuel consumption to an economical level thanks to the new generation engines and does not compromise its efficiency. the 1.0-liter TSI engine produces 110 horsepower. and 200 Nm of torque. This 3-cylinder engine accelerates from 0-100 in 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 202 km. This engine, which has an average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters, offers a combination of performance and efficiency Decoupled.

Volkswagen Golf Car Rental

One of Volkswagen's new hybrid engines, the 1.0-liter eTSI, has 110 horsepower. and 200 Nm of torque. Unlike the standard 1.0-liter TSI engine, this new generation engine, which consumes up to 0.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in mixed use, attracts attention with its fuel efficiency. a new generation of four-cylinder 1.5-liter eTSI producing 150 hp of power. and the 250 Nm torque has been specially developed for higher performance uses. This engine, which allows the car to reach a speed of 0-100 km in 8.5 seconds, can reach a top speed of 224 km. This engine, which has a new generation of active cylinder technology, automatically adjusts the principles of operation of the cylinders at low October speeds, providing additional efficiency and savings. the economy and performance of this new generation are provided by low fuel consumption values in all three engine options.

Volkswagen Golf Car Rental

the Volkswagen Golf 8, which combines ergonomics and technology in a harmonious way in its interior, makes the journey much more enjoyable with its equipment and technological comfort equipment. Offering a simple and modern interior, all the parts in the car are ergonomically arranged. Golf's new generation LED matrix headlights increase the driver's field of vision, allowing the driver to move safely and comfortably during night driving. The new generation front and rear LED headlights, which are combined into a thin strip on the front grille of the car, create a sporty and aesthetic appearance. 

Volkswagen Golf Car Rental

The digital instrument display and infotainment system make the cockpit completely technical. With many customizable modes and viewing options, this digital cockpit system offers a clear view with high image and color quality without exhausting your eyes. The multimedia system with navigation function also provides connectivity to your smartphones. Volkswagen Golf with a large interior volume according to its class; Keyless entry and start system, heated seats with lumbar support, lane keeping assistant, panoramic sunroof; The heated steering wheel with 3-zone digital climate control, cruise control and functional controls makes your trips more comfortable and convenient. The blind spot warning system, reversing camera and parking sensors help you to park your car much easier.

What About Volkswagen Golf Car Rental?

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