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Fiat Egea Cross About

Fiat Egea Cross Detailed Review

Fiat Egea Cross is a 5-door hatchback car model of the Fiat Egea family, which will be sold on the Sunday in Turkey in 2021. Fiat Egea Corss is manufactured in Turkey, produced at Tofaş's Bursa factory and presented to the Sunday. Fiat Egea Cross is an ideal and comfortable vehicle for urban and extra-urban use from the driver's point of view. Thanks to its modern and High driving comfort and spacious interior, it is a great vehicle for those who make long trips.

Fiat Egea Cross Side View

General Technical Characteristics of Fiat Egea Cross


2023 Fiat Egea Cross 1.4 Fire

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1368 cc

Fuel Tank

50 L

Şehir içi Yakıt Tüketimi

7.7 L (100 km)

Carbon Emission

157 g/km

Luggage Volume

440 Lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel


Fuel Consumption Outside the City

4.5 L (100 km)



Vehicle Length

4386 mm


1802 mm

Vehicle Height

1556 mm

Fiat Egea Cross Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The Fiat Egea Cross has a more adventurous and sporty appearance compared to the Egea Hatchback.

Fiat Egea Cross Front View

Some of the features that stand out in the exterior design are;

  • The Egea Cross has a 2 cm higher body and 17 cm ground clearance than the Egea Hatchback. This gives him a stronger and more imposing appearance. In front, there is a large and bright grille and thin headlights. The grille is surrounded by a chrome frame. The headlights are equipped with daytime running lights and lensed headlights. There are also fog lights and air intakes in the front bumper.
  • On the other hand, the side features of the Fiat Egea Cross are a rising waistline and large glass areas. Mirror covers and door handles are painted in the general color. it has 16-inch wheels.
  • If you look from the rear, the Fiat Egea Cross has a wide tailgate and large taillights. The taillights are made with the latest LED technology. He also finds silver-colored plastic coatings and reflectors on the rear bumper.

Fiat Egea Cross Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of Fiat Egea Cross is modern and has a confot design, the materials used in the interior are made of technological and easy-to-clean material. The general appearance of the vehicle is dominated by black colors in the interior. The seats and steering wheel are upholstered in fabric. Black coating is used on the instrument panel and center console. The door handles and ventilation vents are surrounded by a chrome frame.

The INTERIOR of the Fiat Egea Cross
  • The instrument panel provides a nice fit when you look at it. Analog indicators include speedometer, Deceleration clock and fuel indicator. On the digital display, the time, kilometer, etc. the indicators are located at.
  • A multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen is located on the center console. Functions such as radio, USB, Bluetooth and navigation can be used through this system. Under the multimedia system, there are air conditioning controls and ventilation vents.
  • The front seats have sufficient side support and offer a comfortable ride on long trips. The rear seats also offer a wide knee and head distance. The luggage volume is 400 liters. The rear seats can be folded down and the luggage volume can be increased up to 1300 liters.
  • Fiat Egea Cross has equipment such as air conditioning, electric windows, electric mirrors, central lock, radio and USB input as standard. Optionally, equipment such as a reversing camera, parking sensors, navigation system, heated seats and leather upholstery are also offered.

Fiat Egea Cross Car Rental

The fastest and easiest way to rent Fiat Egea Cross is through online car rental platforms. you can create a reservation by comparing thousands of vehicles with one click on the website. You can make your trips and job interviews with Fiat Egea Cross. You can get information about car rental by contacting the Customer Support Line 24/7.

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