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Renault Talisman Detailed Review

The Renault Talisman is an automobile model produced by the French automobile manufacturer Renault. This vehicle usually appeals to the mid-range sedan segment and combines elegance, comfort and safety. Dec. First introduced in 2015, the Talisman replaces the Laguna model that Renault previously offered to the European Sunday.

Renault Talisman Front Appearance

Renault Talisman is offered with various engine options and equipment levels. The performance, fuel economy and characteristics of the car may vary depending on the model year and the selected equipment level. It usually offers gasoline and diesel engine options, but it has fully electric vehicles.

General Technical Characteristics of Renault Talisman


2022 talisman 1.3 tce icon

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1332 cc

Fuel Tank

51 L

Urban Fuel Consumption

6.7 L (100 km)

Carbon Emission

125 g/km

Luggage Volume

608 Lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel


Fuel Consumption Outside the City

4.8 L (100 km)


There is

Vehicle Length

4853 mm


1869 mm

Vehicle Height

1463 mm

Renault Talisman Exterior Design Technical Specifications

It may vary depending on the model year and equipment level of the Renault Talisman. But in general, the exterior design and some technical characteristics of the Renault Talisman can be summarized as follows.

Renault Talisman Side View
  • Stylish and Modern Design, the Talisman has a modern and stylish exterior design that reflects Renault's current design language.
  • In some versions, chrome details are used on the grille frame, window frames and other areas to contribute to the comfort of the vehicle.
  • LED technology is usually used in the front headlights and rear taillights.
  • The sedan design has a large rear luggage area.

Renault Talisman Interior Design Technical Specifications

The Interior of the Renault Talisman

Some features about the interior design of the Renault Talisman;

  • Renault Talisman usually offers a spacious and stylish interior. High-quality materials and ergonomic design are designed to increase driving pleasure.
  • Typically, the Talisman model is equipped with a powerful multimedia system. This system usually includes features such as a touch screen, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and a music player.
  • Comfort Features: The car can have various features for comfortable driving. These features may include details such as air conditioning, automatic adjustable seats, heated seats, power windows and mirrors. Dec.
  • Storage and Practical Use: The large luggage space and indoor storage compartments may have been designed to provide a practical use for Talisman's users. Driver Assistance Systems: Advanced driver assistance systems may include safety features, for example, lane keeping assistant, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking system.

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