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The Volkswagen Crafter is a commercial panel van and pickup truck model from the German automaker Volkswagen. First released in 2006, Crafter is a spacious and functional vehicle designed for commercial transportation and business use.

The crafter is offered in different versions and is usually preferred for carrying large loads. It is especially often used by cargo companies, construction companies, logistics companies and similar enterprises. The vehicle offers various options to customers with different body types, load capacities and engine options.

Volkswagen Crafter Front Appearance

The Volkswagen Crafter is known for its large interior volume, durability and reliability. It also attracts attention that it is equipped with advanced security features and modern technologies. It has a high driving comfort and an ergonomic interior.

Crafter provides its users with a wide loading capacity and flexibility. Thanks to its customizable features, it can be equipped in accordance with different business requirements. In general, Volkswagen Crafter, a reliable option for commercial transportation, is a vehicle designed to facilitate the work of customers.

General Technical Characteristics of Volkswagen Crafter


Volkswagen Crafter

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1968 cc

fuel tank

75 L

Ort. Yakıt Tüketimi

8.4 (100 km)

Avg. Fuel Consumption


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

6940 mm

vehicle width

1993 mm

Vehicle Height

2705 mm

Volkswagen Crafter Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Volkswagen Crafter has features that combine functionality and modern appearance Decoupled.

As a large commercial vehicle, the exterior design of the Crafter includes the following features:

Volkswagen Crafter Side Appearance
  • Since the Crafter is a commercial vehicle that offers a large internal volume, the external body dimensions are large and spacious. This increases the load-carrying capacity while also ensuring the stability of the vehicle.
  • Crafter's design has square and straight lines that prioritize functionality. This design feature provides more usable space in the interior.
  • There are wide-angle rear doors to provide easy access to the rear loading bay. This allows loading and unloading loads easily.
  • With its innovative headlight design and large front grille, the Crafter has the appearance of a modern commercial vehicle. Large headlights and lighting systems make it easy to use at night and in difficult weather conditions.
  • Designed for commercial use, the outer surface of the Crafter is usually made of durable materials. This ensures that the vehicle has a long service life and is resistant to harsh working conditions.
  • Volkswagen has improved fuel efficiency by optimizing the Crafter's aerodynamic design. This also provides an economical performance for long-distance travel. Overall, the exterior design of the Volkswagen Crafter offers an ideal vehicle for commercial use with functionality, durability and modern aesthetics.

Volkswagen Crafter Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Volkswagen Crafter is equipped with features that prioritize the comfort and functionality of users.

Suitable for commercial use, Crafter's interior design includes the following features:

Volkswagen Crafter Interior Design

 Crafter attracts attention with its large internal volume. Plenty of head and foot space has been provided in the interior. This provides comfort for long-term driving or carrying loads.

  • Driver-oriented ergonomic controls are designed to improve driving comfort. The front console layout includes control buttons and displays that are easy to use and accessible.
  • The interior of the Volkswagen Crafter has a modern design. The materials used are of high quality and durable. It offers an aesthetic appearance from a visual point of view.
  • A large instrument panel allows the driver to easily get information about the condition of the vehicle. Modern touch screens can be found integrated with information and entertainment systems.
  • The interior has convenient storage compartments and loading areas. This ensures that work equipment or personal belongings are stored in an orderly manner.
  • Crafter's seats usually have comfortable and adjustable features. It provides support for the driver and passengers during long-term driving.
  • The climate control system keeps the indoor temperature at an optimal level. This also increases driving comfort.

Volkswagen Crafter Car Rental

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