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Toyota Proace City About

Whether it's a business trip or a vacation, the new Proace City offers you the activity you need. With its low fuel consumption, powerful and efficient engine options, you can be sure that it will always think about you. The Toyota Proace City model offers intelligent safety systems that support you in various road conditions. You can be sure that Proace City will protect you with safety features such as Collision Prevention System, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control. The 2022 Toyota Proace City is equipped with a wide range of innovative technologies, from advanced security systems to connected digital features. The new Proace City 8" touchscreen multimedia display makes your life easier and offers a unique experience thanks to the integration of your smartphone's wireless Bluetooth mobile interface. Even with the 3500 liter Proace City, you can carry almost everything you need with you.

Toyota Proace City Front View

What are the features of Toyota Proace City?

The new Toyota Proace City will be available in Turkey with Dream, Flame X-Pack and Passion X-Pack hardware levels. There is a PSA 1.5-liter diesel engine under the hood. the Dream hardware level, which can be selected with 100 hp. The diesel engine comes with a 5-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Higher levels of equipment are sold only with an automatic transmission. Proace City, which stands out with a load of 821 kg and a towing capacity of 1,000 kg; Its length measures 4,403 mm, its height is 1,880 mm, its width is 1,848 mm and its wheelbase is 2,785 mm. The model, which combines modern interior and exterior design with practical use and comfortable driving comfort, offers a luggage volume of 775 liters. If the rear seats are tilted, this value increases to 1414 liters.

Toyota Proace City Side View

The price of the new Toyota Proace City in Turkey has been determined View full size The Proace City, which is sold only as a glass van in our country, allows those in the vehicle to always be connected with the 8 inch, even when it is rotated. on. motion touch screen multimedia display as standard. Its simple and easy-to-use controls provide easy smartphone integration with touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are also Bluetooth and USB connections. Users can also charge their smartphones using a standard wireless smartphone charger. Proace City offers features such as an 8-inch touch-screen multimedia display, hill start assist, cruise control according to the basic version, glass cover for the trunk lid, electronic parking brake, intelligent entry and start system, 180-degree reversing camera, panoramic view. 

The Interior of the Toyota Proace City

Features such as a glass ceiling. Proace City, which also has the only mirror-image color display (head-up display) in its segment, increases driving comfort and safety by projecting important information on the vehicle window. Speed limits, current speed and safety warnings are transmitted to the driver in a colorful and legible way on the color screen with reflector. Without compromising on safety and comfort, the new Toyota Proace City has a number of advanced safety features. Features such as Front Collision Avoidance System, Road Sign Recognition System, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Driver Fatigue Warning System are noteworthy in the industry.

What About Toyota Proace City Car Rental?

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