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Toyota Hilux About

Toyota Industries Corporation was founded in 1926 to manufacture and sell automatic looms invented and developed by Sakichi Toyoda. Since then, Toyota Industries has promoted diversification and has expanded its business into textile machinery, automobiles (vehicles, motors, automobile air conditioning compressors, etc.), expanded into material handling equipment and electronic products.

What are the Characteristics of Toyota Hilux?

Wherever your journey takes you, the Toyota Hilux will take you there. With its efficient, powerful engines and a tractive effort of up to 3.5 tons, it can practically move mountains. The Hilux is always ready for all road and road conditions.  The Toyota Hilux is made to shine thanks to its super compact dimensions. In addition, the exterior design lines are also designed for enjoyment. With its bold new look, the Hilux stands out from the rest. There is a wide range of new eye-catching lightweight models and robust structures that further enhance its powerful appearanceadır. 

Toyota Hilux  Car Rental

All functions are maximum. And look no further than the Adventure, Invincible and Hi-Cruiser hardware packages. These exceptional models are the ultimate representation of Hilux power and style. Toyota Hilux offers space and customization options for each dealer. In short, it allows you to create your own world in the Pick-up world. The interior design of the new Hilux takes elegance and style to a new level. Invincible models raise the bar even higher with two-tone perforated leather seats for relentless comfort. Technical data also differs from model to model.

Toyota Hilux  Car Rental

The Toyota Hilux model has two engine options. One of them has a 2.4-liter D-4D 4x2 system, a diesel engine and 150 horsepower. The second is the 2.4-liter D-4D 4x4 system with diesel engine that produces 150 horsepower. It has 4X2 system level manual and automatic transmission Adventure hardware packages. It also has Adventure, Invincible and Hi-Cruiser hardware packages with manual and automatic transmissions at the 4X4 system level. with a 4x2 diesel manual transmission, the Adventure's fuel consumption is 7.4 liters/100 km. With the same diesel 4x2, the Adventure with automatic transmission consumes 7.1 liters of fuel per 100 km. The Adventure consumes 6.8 liters of fuel per 100 km in a 2.4-liter 4x4 diesel engine with a manual gearbox at the equipment level. in the same 2.4-liter 4x4 system, the automatic transmission type Invincible and Hi-Cruiser consume 7.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in trim.

Toyota Hilux  Car Rental

What About Toyota Hilux Car Rental?

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