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The Toyota Corolla is a model preferred by millions of users around the world. As of 2021, Corolla's total worldwide sales have exceeded 50 million units. This success is an indicator of the durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the model.

Toyota Corolla Front Side View

Toyota Corolla is a popular choice for both individual users and fleet vehicles with its wide model range and constantly updated features. Improvements made in each generation ensure that the vehicle remains in line with current needs and expectations. In the light of this information, the Toyota Corolla has gained a firm place in the compact car segment and stands out as a model that meets the expectations of its users for many years. The Corolla offers gasoline, diesel and hybrid engine options. Engines are generally known for their fuel economy and low emissions.

General Technical Characteristics of Toyota Corolla


Toyota Corolla

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1490 cc

fuel tank

50 Lt.

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.8 (100 km)

trunk volume

471 Lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4630 mm

vehicle width

1780 mm

Vehicle Height

1435 mm

About Volkswagen Caddy Exterior Design

The exterior design of the new Toyota Corolla attracts attention with many innovative elements that reflect its modern aesthetic understanding and improve aerodynamic performance.

Here are the details about the exterior design of the 2024 model Toyota Corolla:

At the front of the new Corolla, there is a wide, trapezoidal front grille that has become the brand's signature. This grille gives the vehicle a strong and dynamic appearance. LED headlights with a thin and sloping structure add a modern and aggressive expression to the front of the vehicle. Daytime running lights are also equipped with LED technology and increase the visibility of the vehicle. The aerodynamic structure of the front bumper optimizes airflow, increasing fuel efficiency and improving road holding. In addition, the sporty details on the bumper give the car a dynamic look.

Toyota Corolla Rear Side View

Smooth and sharp side lines make the car look dynamic even when it is moving. These lines support the overall aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The new Corolla offers alloy wheel options in different sizes and designs. These wheels complement the sporty and stylish appearance of the vehicle.

Aerodynamically designed side mirrors both complement the aesthetics of the vehicle and contribute to fuel efficiency by reducing wind resistance. LED taillights with a wide and thin structure give the rear part of the vehicle a modern look. These lamps provide high visibility when driving at night.

A sporty rear bumper and diffuser add a powerful and dynamic look to the rear of the vehicle. These design elements also improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The integrated spoiler on the tailgate adds a sporty touch to the vehicle while also contributing to aerodynamic performance.

Color Options and Personalization The new Toyota Metallic and mother-of-pearl paint options add an aesthetic value to the vehicle. In addition, some models may also have dual-tone color options, which gives users the possibility of further personalization. Sport packages are offered on some versions of the new Corolla. These packages include items such as more aggressive bumpers, special rim designs and side skirts. Roof rails, which increase practical use, offer an ideal option, especially for users with an active lifestyle.

About Toyota Corolla interior design

The interior design of the new Toyota Corolla demonstrates a comfort, technology and quality-oriented approach and offers a superior driving experience to its users.

Here are the details about the interior design of the 2024 model Toyota Corolla:

The high-quality materials used in the interior enhance the overall luxurious feel of the vehicle. Soft-touch surfaces, leather finishing options and detailed workmanship ensure that the interior has a premium feel. The driver-oriented interior design ensures that all control buttons and displays are easily accessible to the driver. Ergonomic seats and an adjustable steering wheel ensure a comfortable ride even on long trips. The large touch screen on the center console comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. This screen provides easy access to navigation, music, phone and car information.

Toyota Corolla Interior Design

The new Corolla has a digital instrument panel that shows all the information the driver needs. This panel instantly provides information such as speed, fuel consumption, navigation instructions and safety warnings. The wireless charging unit allows you to easily charge compatible smartphones and eliminates cable clutter.

The seats of the new Corolla are covered with high-quality materials and are offered with heating and ventilation options. The wide leg and head distance in the rear seats offers a comfortable trip for passengers. The dual-zone automatic air conditioning system provides ideal temperature conditions for both the driver and passengers. This system always offers a comfortable environment in the interior.

Cleverly designed storage areas offer plenty of storage space for everyday items. Areas such as the center console, door pockets and luggage compartment provide practical storage solutions. The new Corolla is equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety package. This package includes advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, anti-collision system and automatic high beam headlights.

The 360-degree camera system, which helps the driver during parking and maneuvering, clearly shows everything around the vehicle and makes parking easier. The blind spot warning system detects vehicles located in the driver's blind spot and ensures safe lane changes. The ambient lighting used in the interior creates a pleasant atmosphere when driving at night. In addition, the lighting of the instrument panel and center console also increases the usefulness. The panoramic sunroof increases the spaciousness of the interior and provides a wider viewing angle. This feature provides a pleasant experience, especially for rear seat passengers.

Toyota Corolla Car Rental

Toyota Corolla is an excellent option for your car rental needs. With its reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency, you can safely choose it on both short and long trips. By following the things that need to be taken into account during the booking process, you can have a trouble-free rental experience. by comparing thousands of vehicles on the website, you can book the cheapest car rental on your budget.