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Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid About

About Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

The Toyota Corolla Cross is a vehicle model produced by Toyota for the compact crossover segment. First introduced in 2020, the Corolla Cross is built using the platform of the same name of Toyota's popular Corolla model.

This vehicle offers the Corolla's features such as driving comfort, reliability and economical fuel consumption in a crossover design. The specifications and technical characteristics of the Corolla Cross may vary depending on the Sundays. But in general, it has a spacious interior, a high seating position, a large trunk volume and a modern interior design that includes many of Toyota's safety and driving assistance systems.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Front View

Engine options may vary, but gasoline and hybrid engine options are typically offered. Hybrid versions include a gasoline engine powered by an electric motor, which provides lower fuel consumption and environmentally friendly driving. The Toyota Corolla Cross is positioned as a compact crossover, especially ideal for urban use. This tool provides a practical option for everyday use for young families, active individuals and for business.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid General Technical Specifications


Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1798 cc

Fuel Tank

43 lt

Average Fuel Consumption

5.0 lt (100 km)

Luggage Volume

403 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel


Acceleration 0-100 km/h

9.9 sn


There is

Vehicle Length

4460 mm


1825 mm

Vehicle Height

1620 mm

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Exterior Design

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Side View

The exterior design of the Toyota Corolla Cross offers a modern and attractive appearance in the compact crossover segment.

Here are some of the main features of its exterior design:

  • While the Corolla Cross carries the basic design features of Toyota's Corolla sedan, it has an upgraded chassis.
  • At the front, an extended grille and aggressive headlights define the front design of the Corolla Cross. A large grille and dynamic lines that reflect Toyota's next-generation design language attract attention.
  • With its raised body structure, it provides drivers with better road visibility and a height advantage over more places.
  • The side profile of the Corolla Cross, muscular fenders and Innovative design details ensure that the car has a sporty and attractive appearance.
  • At the rear, wide taillights and flattened lines on the tailgate and large areas of glass ensure that the rear part has a spacious and modern look.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Interior Design

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Interior Design

The interior design of the Toyota Corolla Cross offers a modern atmosphere, while at the same time providing comfort and convenience for the driver and passengers.

Here are some features about the interior design;

  • The interior of the Corolla Cross has a spacious interior, despite its compact external dimensions. This provides a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers. 
  • Toyota has used high-quality materials in the interior of the Corolla Cross. Soft-touch surfaces, stitching details and modern finishing options ensure that the interior has a premium feel.
  • There is a driver-oriented internal arrangement, and the control buttons and displays on the front console are designed in an easy-to-use and accessible way. 
  • Usually, the Toyota Corolla Cross has a modern digital instrument panel. This panel shows the information in front of the driver in a clear and readable way. 
  • Usually, there are features such as a touch-sensitive infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, navigation and an integrated rear-view camera.
  • Comfort features such as automatic climate control, heated seats, strong and adjustable seats increase the comfort of drivers and passengers.

Toyota Corolla Cross Car Rental

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