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Toyota C-HR Vehicle Detailed Review

The Toyota C-HR (Compact High Rider) is an SUV vehicle model produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Toyota introduced the C-HR model for the first time in 2016 and put it on sale in many Sundays. The design of the C-HR attracts attention with its architectural sharp lines and sporty appearance. The C-HR has two different engine options, but the engine options vary depending on the model type.  The C-HR is available with more gasoline engine options. Transmission options include manual and automatic.Dec.

Toyota C-HR Side View

Toyota C-HR'nin iç dünyasında tasarımı ise Yüksek kaliteli seçenekler, kullanıcı dostu bilgi ve eğlence sistemleri ve geniş iç mekân özellikleriyle donatılmıştır. Güvenlik acısından ise çeşitli sürücü yardım sistemleri bulunmakta bunlar hız sabitleyici gibi donanımlara sahiptir. Çarpışma durumunda ise teknolojileri bulunmakta olup ve kaliteli ve dayanıklı çelikten yapılmıştır. Toyota C-HR, boyut ve iç özellik bakımından aileler için ideal bir araç olup şehir içi ve uzun yolculukta kullanımıyla konfor katıyor.

Toyota C-HR Teknik Özellikleri



Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement


Fuel Tank

43 L

Fuel Consumption

4.8 L

Carbon Emission


Luggage Volume


Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel


Fuel Consumption

3.8 L



Vehicle Length




Vehicle Height


Toyota C-HR Exterior Design Features

The exterior design of the Toyota C-HR has a sporty and attractive appearance. However, certain technical specifications may vary depending on production performance and hardware performance.

Toyota C-HR Exterior Side View

Some features found in the exterior design of the Toyota C-HR;

  • The C-HR belongs to the compact crossover SUV segment. The high body structure and coupé-like roof profile give the vehicle a sporty and attractive appearance. 
  • LED headlights or bi-LED headlights are available with a modern headlight design with sharp lines.
  • The rear doors, where the door handles are integrated, offer a coupe-like design. The elevated driving position provides the driver with a wide field of view.
  • There are hidden rear door handles in the shape of an inverted "C", the frame of the rear window.
  • The design structure has sharp lines and has a dynamic back structure. LED taillights, the vehicle is modern and attracts attention.
Toyota C-HR Dış Arka Görünüşü

Toyota C-HR Interior Design Features

The interior design of the Toyota C-HR is generally stylish, sporty and modern comfortable to the user. However, these hardware specifications may vary depending on the Sunday and demand.

Toyota C-HR Interior Design

Features found in the interior design of the Toyota C-HR;

  • Material quality soft textured properties and high quality coatings are used. Steering wheel, gearshift high-quality materials are preferred. 
  • Multimedia and Information Screens A large touchscreen information and entertainment screen can be found. The entertainment system usually includes features such as smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation. 
  • Comfort features such as leather-covered steering wheel and armrest can be offered. 
  • The layout features comfortable seats and high driving positions. The rear seats have a wide range of luggage. 
  • The interior is usually designed with modern color palettes and remarkable lighting details. 
  • The Toyota C-HR has a standard sound system. Premium audio systems may be available on some models.
Toyota C-HR Interior Seat Design

Among Toyota's safety technologies, driving assistance systems such as lane keeping, Deceleration, blind spot warning can be found in some models.

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