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Togg T10X is one of the models of Togg, Turkey's domestic electric car. Togg is a brand operating for localization and nationalization in the automotive sector of Turkey. The Togg T10X is a small and compact electric car model designed for urban use.

Togg T10X Ön Görünüş

Togg T10X General Technical Specifications


Togg T10X

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

218 Hp (160 kw)


16.9 kWh/100km

trunk volume

441 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is


314 km


52 Kwh

Vehicle Length

4599 mm

Vehicle width

1886 mm

Vehicle Height

1676 mm


2126 Kg

Togg T10X Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Togg T10X has a modern and compact appearance. Suitable for urban use, this model is designed to provide maneuverability on the urban network. It can have a body profile with regular lines and rounded corners. Front features can usually be found in an aerodynamic design, along with large headlights and the brand's logo.

Togg T10X Rear Side View

Togg's characteristic design features may have been combined with the details of the brand. The rear view can usually be found with large taillights and a dynamic view. There may be forms located under the hood, which are especially typical for electric vehicles.

The exterior design of the Togg T10X may have been designed with in mind to meet practical solutions for urban use. This design aims to provide both a stylish appearance and a functional usage experience.

Togg T10X Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Togg T10X aims to provide a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers by adopting a modern approach. The interior is usually designed with a spacious and ergonomic arrangement.

The interior of the Togg T10X can usually be found with user-friendly control arrangements. A central touch screen or a digital instrument panel can be easily accessed through many functions.

Togg T10X Interior Design

Ergonomically designed seats are available to provide comfort throughout the journey. The adjustable driver's seat and passenger's seat can offer a comfortable experience even during long-term driving. A premium compartment in the interior, usually with high-quality features. Quality upholstery, soft surfaces and durable plastics can be preferred.

The interior design of the Togg T10X may have storage conditions that will allow users to store their belongings in an orderly manner. Beverage cups, mobile phone holders and other practical details can be found in the interior. The interior of the Togg T10X can often be enriched in terms of safety and technology. It can improve the driving experience by providing features such as active safety systems, driving assistance technologies and infotainment systems.

Togg T10X Car Rental

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives of our time. The T10X, the latest model of Togg, Turkey's domestic automobile, is at the forefront of this trend. The Togg T10X has been designed to provide a great driving experience in all sizes on all kinds of trips, from city trips to long trips. Now is the time to experience the Togg T10X! you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid reservation.