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Suzuki Swift Detailed Review

The Suzuki Swift is a small-class car produced by the leading Japanese in the vehicle industry. It first gained popularity in the market in 1983 with its fast, compact dimensions, economical fuel consumption and convenient design. Suzuki Swift attracts attention with its different engine options and stylish design. Users often think that it is ideal for urban use, because it is highly maneuverable and easy to park. In addition, fuel economy and low operating costs make the Swift a preferred option.

Suzuki Swift Front Appearance

The latest models of Suzuki Swift are usually equipped with safety equipment, driving assistance systems, etc. as it is technologically advanced. These features make the driving experience safer and more enjoyable. Although it is a fast, small car, it attracts attention with its large interior volume. It offers a comfortable interior for passengers, and the rear seats are also quite spacious and convenient. Suzuki Swift has generally been a preferred option due to its affordable price, low operating costs and practical use.

SuGeneral Technical Characteristics of Zuki Swift


Suzuki Swift

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1197 cc

Fuel Tank

37 L

Urban Fuel Consumption

6.2 L (100 km)

Luggage Volume

265 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel


Fuel Consumption Outside the City

4.6 L (100 km)



Vehicle Length

3845 mm


1735 mm

Vehicle Height

1495 mm

Suzuki Swift Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Suzuki Swift Side Appearance

The exterior design of the Suzuki Swift offers a modern and dynamic interpretation of a compact hatchback vehicle. The eye device details of the graphics attract attention with sporty lines and flowing lines.

Here are some features of the Suzuki Swift related to its exterior design:

  • The front part of the swift usually has a wide and aggressive appearance. Large headlights and conversions the front grille adds a dynamic and simple to the car. 
  • The side profile of the vehicle attracts attention with its flowing lines and dynamic lines. Slightly rising character lines on the side of the body and traction cam lines ensure that the car has an aerodynamic appearance. 
  • Suzuki Swift usually offers a variety of color options, which gives options to reflect one's personal styles. 
  • Some models may have high contrast details such as a black ceiling or side mirrors. 
  • The rear design of the vehicle usually has a dynamic and attractive appearance. Large taillights and a sporty bumper make the car look impressive from the rear.

Suzuki Swift Interior Design and Technical Specifications

Suzuki Swift Interior Design

The interior design of the Suzuki Swift, a compact hatchback vehicle, reflects a user-friendly, modern and ergonomic interior.

Here are some features of the Suzuki Swift related to its interior design:

  • The interior usually has easily accessible and user-friendly controls.
  • The Swift's dashboard usually has a modern and easy-to-read structure. It comes with a large speedometer and road indicator display, which is shown.
  • Soft-touch features and high-quality plastics are usually used in the interior.
  • Swift's seats are ergonomics designed for long-term driving, ensuring that the driver and passengers are provided with a comfortable seat.
  • Despite the compact external dimensions of the vehicle, a large amount of space is usually offered in the interior.
  • There are usually convenient storage areas in the interior. Practical storage solutions such as eyeglass eyeglass, cup holder, mobile phone holders and compartments in the central console offer daily use options.

Suzuki Swift Car Rental

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