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The Skoda Yeti is a crossover SUV model produced by the Czech automaker Skoda between Dec 2009 and 2017. The Yeti is included in the compact SUV class and is usually a vehicle that is ideal for urban use. The concept version, which was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005, went into mass production in 2009.

Yeti attracts attention with its large internal volume, practical use and orientation switch. Especially the easy sizing of the rear seats allows the luggage volume to expand and increases the amount of transport. It also offers a wide range of engine options and hardware features, offering different preferences in their use.

Skoda Yeti

Among the features of the Skoda Yeti are features such as safety equipment, modern multimedia systems, traction control systems Dec. The Yeti offers users a convenient option for urban and sightseeing use and could be an ideal choice for those who rely on Skoda's quality and assurance.

General Technical Characteristics of the Skoda Yeti


Skoda Yeti

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1997 cc

Fuel Tank

55 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

4.8 l (100 km)

Luggage Volume

322 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4222 mm

The Vehicle Is

1793 mm

Vehicle Height

1691 mm

Skoda Yeti Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Skoda Yeti has a unique look in the compact SUV segment.

Skoda Yeti Rear View

Here are some of the distinctive features of the Skoda Yeti in its exterior design:

  • The Skoda Yeti attracts attention with its angular lines and sharp lines. These design elements give the vehicle a strong stance.
  • The Yeti has a high driving position, just like a typical SUV. It also has a wide body and a high ceiling, which creates a spacious feeling in the interior.
  • The front features a wide shutter and are defined by Skoda's characteristic chrome details. This shutter creates a strong sense of presence in the front design of the vehicle.
  • The headlights and taillights of the Skoda Yeti are usually large and rectangular in shape. These design elements complement the sharp and modern appearance of the vehicle.
  • Some models have plastic protective coatings on the fenders and underparts. This adds an SUV-style touch to the exterior design of the vehicle and emphasizes off-road parts. Oct.
  • Arka tasarımda, geniş bir bagaj kapısı ve düzgün hatlara sahip bir bagaj alanı bulunmaktadır. Bu, aracın pratik ve kullanışlı bir SUV olduğunu gösterir. 

Skoda Yeti Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Skoda Yeti offers a spacious and convenient interior.

Skoda Yeti Interior Design

Here are some of the features of the Skoda Yeti in its interior design:

  • The inner world of the yeti is usually spacious and cozy. The high-ceiling design offers passengers a large space. It provides a comfortable ride, especially on long trips.
  • Skoda, high-quality materials are usually used in the interior. Features such as soft-touch plastics, metal details and leather upholstery, which are offered as an extension, add a premium atmosphere to the interior.
  • The interior design of the Skoda Yeti offers a user-friendly and ergonomic arrangement. The control buttons and instrument panels are positioned in such a way that the structure is easily accessible.
  • There are large storage areas in the interior. Door pockets, glove compartments, central console and storage Decking between the seats provide practicality in everyday use.
  • The rear seats are usually modular and dense. This allows the luggage to be expanded and large loads to be recognized.
  • The interior design of the Skoda Yeti usually includes modern multimedia systems. It offers features such as infotainment systems with screens, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation and a rear-view camera.

Skoda Yeti Car Rental

The Skoda Yeti offers a unique driving experience both in the city and on nature trips. With its urban maneuverability and easy parking size, it is not left alone in your city adventures. At the same time, thanks to its high off-road performance and traction control systems, it offers a magnificent experience experience to nature lovers.

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