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Skoda Karoq About

The Skoda Karoq is a compact SUV model produced and sold by the Czech automaker Skoda. The Karoq was introduced in 2017 and replaces the Yeti in Skoda's SUV lineup.

Karoq has a stylish and modern design. The interior is designed in a spacious and spacious way and offers passengers a comfortable driving experience. The rear seats can be reclined when necessary, creating a large luggage space. When the rear seats are tilted, the trunk volume expands up to 1,630 liters.

In terms of technology, the Skoda Karoq has a number of advanced driving assistance systems. These include features such as lane keeping assistant, adaptive cruise Deceleration, blind spot warning and parking assistant. In addition, the infotainment system, which has a touch-screen interface, provides access to navigation, media and other vehicle settings.

Engine options offer a variety in the Karoq. There are usually gasoline and diesel engine options available. Engine power and performance may vary depending on different versions.

Skoda Karoq Car Rental

The Skoda Karoq is an SUV model that attracts attention with its features such as safety, comfort and durability. Its compact dimensions and convenient features allow you to make a suitable choice for urban use as well.

Skoda Karoq Specifications

The technical specifications of the Skoda Karoq may vary depending on different engine options. Here are some technical specifications of the Skoda Karoq based on the engine options available in general:

Engines: 1.0-liter TSI gasoline engine:

Number of cylinders: 3
Maximum power: 115 horsepower
Maximum torque: 200 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG automatic

1.5-liter TSI gasoline engine:

Skoda Karoq Car Rental

Number of cylinders: 4
Maximum power: 150 horsepower
Maximum torque: 250 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG automatic

2.0 liter TDI diesel engine:

Number of cylinders: 4
Maximum power: 150 horsepower or 190 horsepower
Maximum torque: 340 Nm or 400 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG automatic

Performance: The performance of the Karoq varies depending on the engine options. For example, with a 1.5-liter TSI gasoline engine, the Karoq can complete acceleration from 0-100 km/h in about 9 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

Fuel consumption: Fuel consumption varies depending on engine options and driving conditions. On average, the fuel consumption of the Karoq can vary from 5 to 7 Deciliters.


Length: About 4.382mm
Width: About 1,841 mm
Height: About 1,605 mm
Wheelbase: About 2,638 mm

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