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The Skoda Fabia is a compact car produced by the Czech automotive manufacturer Skoda. The Fabia is a small and practical car, which is usually ideal for urban use. First released in 1999, the Fabia has undergone several generations and updates since then. The Skoda Fabia is generally known for its features such as fuel efficiency, ease of use and robust construction. It also offers a spacious cabin in its interior, and the luggage volume is also very convenient.

Skoda Fabia Front Side View

The Fabia is available with both gasoline and diesel engine options and can be taken with manual or automatic transmission. Fabia, which has developed safety and technology features in each generation, can be equipped with driver assistance systems and modern multimedia features. The Skoda Fabia, which is also usually a competitive option in terms of price-performance, may be a good option for those looking for a compact city car.

General Technical Characteristics of the Skoda Fabia


Skoda Fabia

Vehicle Class

Station Wagon

Engine Displacement

999 cc

Fuel Tank

40 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

4.6 (100 km)

Luggage Volume

380 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4108 mm

vehicle width

1780 mm

Vehicle Height

1461 mm

Skoda Fabia Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Skoda Fabia Rear Side View
  • The exterior design of the Skoda Fabia is characterized by a compact and stylish appearance. Fabia, which usually has modern and dynamic lines, has an aesthetic design that combines practicality and functionality.
  • The front design usually features Skoda's characteristic front shutter. Headlights can often have large and sharp lines. The hood is designed in an aerodynamically designed way, and the front section usually has a clean and minimalistic appearance. Jul.
  • In the side profile, the compact dimensions and flowing lines of the Fabia attract attention. The fact that the windows are wide allows more light to enter the interior and makes the interior look spacious.
  • In the rear part, there is usually a wide tailgate and modern taillights. Functionality is at the forefront of the exterior design of the Fabia. Practical details are considered to facilitate everyday use. For example, features such as wide door openings, easily accessible luggage space and parking sensors enrich the exterior design.
  • The color options are usually wide, and different color combinations can be offered to suit individual preferences. The exterior design of the Skoda Fabia generally follows a modern, stylish and contemporary line, while at the same time focusing on functionality and ease of use.

Skoda Fabia Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Skoda Fabia aims to offer a spacious and functional interior for a compact car.

Interior Design of the Skoda Fabia

Here are some features about the interior design of the Skoda Fabia:

  • The interior of the Fabia, despite its compact dimensions, gives a spacious and spacious feeling. Especially the front seats usually offer plenty of foot and head distance.
  • As with other Skoda models, material quality is also given importance in the interior design of the Fabia. Usually soft-touch plastics and high-quality fabrics are used.
  • Fabia'nın iç tasarımı, sürücü ve yolcu konforunu ön planda tutar. Kullanımı kolay düğmeler, açıkça okunabilir göstergeler ve genellikle kullanıcı dostu bir multimedya sistemi bulunur. 
  • There is usually a large number of storage spaces in the interior. Practical details such as a cup holder, glove compartment, door pockets and compartments in the central console make everyday use easier.
  • The seats of the Fabia are usually comfortable and the driver's seat offers wide adjustment possibilities. The rear seats also usually provide a good head and knee distance.
  • Modern Fabia models usually have a multimedia system with a touch screen. Modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and voice command features are available.
  • Some versions may have important security features. For example, driver assistance systems such as collision prevention assistant, lane keeping system, parking assistance enrich the interior design of the Fabia.

Skoda Fabia Car Rental

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