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Seat Ateca About

Seat Ateca is one of the most important models of the brand's personalized design. The Seat Ateca showed itself with attractive configurations. The grille and fog light frames in the corners are designed wide and give the car a strong appearance. It refers to an all-terrain vehicle with a gray bodywork and black plastic covers on the fenders. In addition to the headlights with an original design, the silhouette of the brand was successfully maintained with LED lighting at the stops. The signature Ateca logo on the back is also one of the eye-pleasing details. As one of the newest members of the SUV class, the Seat Ateca managed to attract the attention of Seat brand enthusiasts and compact SUV enthusiasts in a short time thanks to its strong appearance. 

Seat Ateca Front Appearance

What are the Features of Seat Ateca?

As I pass through the lounge of the Seat Ateca, I immediately notice the kinship with Leo. It is natural that Seat uses standard parts on models. I would like to say from the beginning that the interior of the Ateca is quite spacious and comfortable. The Ateca offers a satisfactory width in both the front and rear seats, so there will be no problems for its users or passengers who use the living space as a knee and head distance. A problem-free SUV in terms of material quality and application. The touch sensitivity of the plastics used is very high. The fact that the hall was built with a suitable design was also one of my favorite features. Ateca, which meets all internal storage needs, has also become one of my favorite vehicles for luggage use. Otherwise, whether you buy the car with the Xperience package or with the FR option, you will have a very high level of equipment. One of its important advantages is that it changes the appearance between the two hardware packages.Dec. When everyone was talking about the FR version, it was a compact SUV that I found attractive even with the Xperience package.

Seat Ateca Rear View

The Seat Ateca is offered with a 1.5-liter EcoTSI engine producing 150 horsepower, one of the most powerful units of the Volkswagen group. This engine variant, which received my approval in most of the previous tests, is mated to a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. The fast and smooth gear shifts of the DSG transmission and the high fit of the engine will make you think that you are in a very hot HB from an SUV. The engine, which generates power at low revs, does a very good job at first and medium accelerations, almost gasping for breath until the last gear. When I look at the factory specifications, I see that the 1498cc turbo gasoline engine variant produces 150bhp of power and 250nm of torque. The Seat Ateca, which has a significant impact on the performance of the DSG transmission, reaches a top speed of 202 km/h and reaches a speed of 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds. In my average consumption test, the result was 7.3 liters. This was included in my notes as a good result for me.

The interior of the Seat Ateca

What About Seat Ateca Car Rental?

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