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The Seat Alhambra is a large MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) model produced by the Spanish automaker Seat and first released in 1996. Seat, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, has developed the Alhambra model on a similar platform to the Volkswagen Sharan and Ford Galaxy.

Seat Alhambra Front View

Seat Alhambra attracts attention with its spacious interior and large luggage volume. Suitable for families, this vehicle has a large passenger capacity with its 7-seater layout. Alhambra is offered with gasoline and diesel engine options. There are usually options for a 1.4-liter TSI gasoline engine and a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine. Manual and automatic transmission options are available. Automatic transmissions are usually equipped with DSG (dual clutch) technology.

General Technical Characteristics of Seat Alhambra


Seat Alhambra

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1390 cc

fuel tank

73 Lt.

Avg. Fuel Consumption

7.6 (100 km)

trunk volume

267 Lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4854 mm

vehicle width

1904 mm

Vehicle Height

1740 mm

About the Seat Alhambra Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Seat Alhambra has an appearance that reflects its spacious interior and multi-purpose use.

Here are some main features about the exterior design of the Alhambra:

The Alhambra belongs to the MPV segment, which is a typical multi-purpose vehicle. Therefore, its exterior design is designed to reflect the spacious interior and the wide intended use. The alhambra usually has large dimensions. It is similar to a typical MPV in length, width and height. These dimensions provide spaciousness and usefulness in the interior.

Seat Alhambra Front Side View

Smooth lines and soft corners attract attention in the exterior design of the Alhambra. These lines offer an aerodynamic appearance and improve the vehicle's performance on the road. Refurbished models usually feature a front face designed in accordance with Seat's current design language. The large grille, sharp headlights and dynamic front bumper design ensure that the Alhambra has a modern look.

The side profile of the Alhambra emphasizes the spacious interior. Large glass areas and wide door openings allow passengers to easily access the vehicle. There are practical details in the exterior design of the Alhambra. For example, features such as integrated roof rails or integrated signal lamps of the side mirrors make the use of the vehicle more functional.

About the Interior Design of the Seat Alhambra

The interior design of the Seat Alhambra has been shaped with a focus on width, comfort and usability.

Here are some of the main features found in the interior design of the Alhambra:

The interior of the Alhambra is quite spacious and offers passengers a spacious feeling. Especially when the third row seats are opened, a large loading capacity and a comfortable seating area are provided. The seat layout of the Alhambra is usually flexible. The rear seats can be folded or removed, thereby increasing the load space or creating different passenger-cargo combinations.

Seat Alhambra Interior Design

Quality materials are usually used in the interior of the Alhambra. Soft-touch plastics, upholstery materials and optional leather seats give a premium feel inside the vehicle. The Alhambra is usually equipped with modern technological equipment. These may include features such as a multimedia system with a touch screen, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, voice commands and a rear-view camera Dec. The controls used in the interior design of the Alhambra are usually ergonomically placed. There are buttons and assemblies arranged in such a way as to provide easy access and use to the driver.

The Alhambra usually offers a comfortable ride. This is achieved thanks to comfortable seats, a good suspension system and advanced driving assistance systems. For example, features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant and autonomous emergency braking may be available. The interior design of the Alhambra usually includes various storage and storage areas. This allows to maintain order in the interior and allow passengers to store their belongings in an orderly manner.

Seat Alhambra Car Rental

Planning a trip for families often requires managing a number of details. It is important to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe, to ensure that children have a fun trip, and to have a suitable vehicle to get to the places being traveled. It is precisely at this point that vehicles such as the Seat Alhambra, which offer a spacious interior and superior ease of use, come into play. The Seat Alhambra is an indispensable choice for large families and long trips. with a seating capacity of 7 people, a large luggage volume and a comfortable ride, the Alhambra is an ideal option for family holidays, trips with groups of friends or business trips.

Renting a Seat Alhambra from the car rental companies we work with can make families' trips more enjoyable and stress-free. When booking a Seat Alhambra car rental from the website, you should definitely check the campaigns section.