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The Renault Latitude is an automobile model produced by the French automobile manufacturer Renault and produced between Dec 2010 and 2015. Usually classified as a high-end sedan, the Latitude attracted attention with its spacious interior, comfortable driving and various equipment options. Latitude was a model that was usually aimed at the European Sunday and was usually included in the luxury segment.

Renault Latitude Front Side View

The vehicle, which has a design focused on comfort and safety, aimed to provide a comfortable driving experience to its users with its large luggage volume and spacious interior. The Renault Latitude's features included various engine options, automatic transmission options, luxurious details such as leather seats, panoramic glass Decking, and safety features. However, its production was terminated in 2015.

General Technical Characteristics of Renault Latitude


Renault Latitude

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1461 cc

fuel tank

66 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

4.7 (100 km)

trunk volume

511 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4897 mm

vehicle width

1832 mm

Vehicle Height

1483 mm

Renault Latitude Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Renault Latitude offers an appearance that appeals to the large sedan segment. In general, it has a stylish and elegant style.

Here are some exterior design features:

It is characterized by a wide front grille and a large Renault logo. The headlights are integrated into the body to offer a dynamic appearance. The Latitude, which has long and flowing lines, aims to offer a spacious interior with a long wheelbase and large glass areas.

Renault Latitude Rear View

The rear design features a wide tailgate and large rear taillights. In general, the rear design also has an elegant and balanced appearance. Some models may feature luxurious touches such as chrome details or alloy wheels. In addition, features such as a panoramic glass ceiling are also offered in some versions.

The exterior design of Latitude has a streamlined shape. This helps to improve fuel efficiency and improve driving stability. The exterior design of the Renault Latitude has ensured that it is a model that attracts attention in its segment by offering luxury and elegance Decoupled.

Renault Latitude Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Renault Latitude aims to offer a spacious and comfortable interior, while at the same time focusing on ergonomics and ease of use for the driver and passengers.

Here are some features found in the interior design of the Renault Latitude:

The spacious seats and ergonomic design provide a comfortable driving experience even on long trips. Some models may have leather upholstery options. The long wheelbase and the cleverly arranged interior provide plenty of head and knee space for passengers. This makes the interior feel spacious and comfortable. The materials used in the interior are usually of high quality and durable. Soft-touch materials and chrome or glossy black details add a luxurious atmosphere to the interior.

Renault Latitude Interior Design

Renault Latitude usually has a number of multimedia and information systems. These systems are usually accessible via touchscreens and may include navigation, entertainment and connectivity features. As with many modern cars, various safety and driver assistance systems can be found in the interior design of the Renault Latitude. These systems may include features such as lane keeping assistant, adaptive Deceleration control, parking sensors and reversing camera.

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