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In the small commercial vehicle segment, on the other hand, we have left behind a very successful design change that took several years and focused on the PSA group. It was clear that this process would force other brands in the Sunday to take similar steps. The Renault Kangoo 2021, the vehicle in question, brings with it typical details that take the previous generation to a whole new dimension.

Renault Kangoo 

What are the characteristics of Renault Kangoo?

Looking at the design of the Renault Kangoo 2021, we can see that the front part has been completely redesigned. Now we see the new headlights horizontally and surrounded by a wide grille October with additional details. The muscular hood of the bumper and the section with the lower grille and fog lights add a very sporty look to the new Kangoo. when you switch to the new generation Renault Kangoo in 2021, the design of the old console has also changed.

Renault Kangoo Rent A Car

The steering wheel is a continuation of the three-spoke design, but more modern. There is a panel with a small LCD screen on the back of the steering wheel. The infotainment screen in the center of the console is located under the air vents. Below are physical keys such as piano keys and climate controls. Another notable design change is the removal of the middle column between the front door and the sliding door, which is called "Easy Access from the Side" in the Renault Kangoo Van. Dec. Thanks to this, you can reach the 1416 mm rear of the Kangoo van. The 2021 Kangoo, which is offered in two different body lengths, also has an automatic transmission. The engine options are diesel, gasoline and electric. The length of the goods is 3300-3900 liters. This cargo volume is determined as 4200- 4900 liters in the long version.

Renault Kangoo 

What about Renault Kangoo Car Rental?

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