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The 2020 New Renault Clio retains its stylish appearance on the one hand, while on the other hand it stands out with its impressive style. The stripes on the hood give the model a more muscular appearance. Thanks to the new CMF-B platform developed by the Renault Nissan Alliance, the New Clio offers ambitious interior volume and comfort in its segment. For the first time in a Clio, windbreakers on the front fenders reduce friction and improve aerodynamic performance. In addition, the windbreakers, which also reduce fuel consumption, give the design of the New Cl October a dynamism and sporty look. The bodywork of the new Clio has been lowered by 48 millimeters (height 1440 mm) to increase its aerodynamics and sporty appearance.

Renault Clio Araç Kiralama
Renault Clio Araç Kiralama

Renault Clio Specifications

These new generation gasoline and diesel engines, offered with the latest technology, have cost and emission values in line with the latest applicable standards. The recently added 1.0 TCe (3-cylinder turbocharged) to the Renault range is Renault's newest engine. with 100 hp. and 160 Nm, this new generation engine is 10 hp and 20 Nm more powerful than its predecessor, the TCe 90, but at the same time has lower CO2 emissions. In addition, it offers the highest level of driving pleasure thanks to the increased torque, which supports a more lively take-off at low revs. Combined with the X-Tronic automatic transmission, which offers continuous and uninterrupted power transmission, this engine offers better acceleration and ideal fuel consumption for a great driving experience. The 1.3 TCe engine, which has proven itself in the Captur, Megane and Kadjar models, is being offered with the new Clio this time. Paired with a 7-speed EDC automatic transmission with 130 bhp and 2 0 Nm of torque, this engine replaces the 1.2 gasoline engine in the new Clio's engine range. The new Renault Clio has options for diesel engines producing 85 and 115 horsepower. Diesel engines, which are offered for sale with a six-speed manual transmission, are really stingy about fuel consumption. all rights are reserved. Even if the source is shown, it cannot be quoted.

Renault Clio Araç Kiralama

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