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Always a bold design brand, Renault has managed to make French elegance speak again in the Clio. It also added sportiness despite the SW body.Display improvement and usability in the Renault Clio Sport Tourer. In addition, the air vents, which are round and quite difficult to use, are also from the details that we expect to change. Renault Clio Sport Tourer 1/5 Renault Clio Sport Tourer Clio is one of the first models to offer customization in small classes. So it is possible to see many different Clios on the roads. This customization option can also be used on the Clio station model. 

Renault Clio Sport Tourer Side View

With this feature, it is possible to design the living space exactly as we want, but we are also expecting an increase in standard equipment. The steering wheel, which offers plenty of living space both front and rear thanks to the wide wheelbase, is one of the most noticeable negatives of the Clio ST's interior. Unfortunately, a bagel that doesn't fit is also a cheap look. Thanks to the SW body, the Clio, which has an extremely easy-to-use and spacious 5-liter trunk at the back, can easily carry long loads thanks to the easy folding of the rear seats. 

Renault Clio Sport Tourer Specifications

The Renault Clio is very popular due to its wide range of engine options. As everyone knows, the most popular device of a car with ideal engine combinations for our country is diesel automatic. However, this vehicle was alien to our test with its rather ambitious gasoline engine and EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. We believe that those who love gasoline engines will love this vehicle. Because even if we look at it mathematically, the gasoline engine has pretty good data. How? the 1197 cc turbo gasoline cylinder engine produces 120 horsepower at 5000 rpm. a torque of 205 Nm is available from 2000 rpm. we liked the performance data of the engine, which can match the 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. According to the declared factory data, it reaches a maximum speed of 192 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds. It has excellent features for drivers who love performance but need a family car. 

Renault Clio Sport Tourer Side and Rear Appearance

During the measurements we made, he showed that he could reach these performance figures without difficulty. It won our appreciation mainly due to their flexibility. Thanks to the quick response of the EDC transmission and smooth gear shifts, the comfort level has also increased. Renault Clio Sport Tourer 1.2 Turbo EDC 120 hp Technical data Engine: 1,2 lt Engine capacity: 1197 cc Number of cylinders: Maximum power: 120 hp Maximum torque: 205 Nm Performance data 0-100 km/ h Acceleration: 19,2 km/h Brakes Front: Disc ventilation Rear: Disc Renault Clio Sport Tourer Fuel consumption Quantity Fuel type: Gasoline City: 6,8 lt/ 100 km City: ,5 lt / 100 km Mixed: 5 , lt/ 100 km Test : 6.5 lt/ 100 km CO2 emissions : 120 g / km Dimensions Length: 267 mm Width: 1732 mm Height: 1 75 mm Wheelbase: 2589 mm Trunk volume 5 l Fuel tank: 5 lt Empty weight: 1270 R5 10 kg 

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