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Opel Insignia About

Opel Insignia is sold with features that become smarter every day and take driver and passenger safety to a new dimension. Examples of these are pedestrian detection, which can brake the vehicle when a vehicle, pedestrian or object is detected in front of the vehicle, and the rear crosshair warning system, which alerts the driver by detecting objects moving backwards when reversing. . from the parking lot. In addition, Opel Insignia models offer a number of safety features that are often found in today's high-end models, such as traffic sign recognition, tracking distance indicator, lane keeping function and warning system. The Car has two different hardware packages, Elegance and Exclusive.

Opel Insignia Rear View

The new generation car, which is offered with two different engine options, promises high performance and strong handling in all conditions. Opel Insignia, which has a coefficient of friction of 0.26, offers a much more efficient and comfortable travel experience thanks to its aerodynamic design. the 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine produces 122 hp of power. and 285 Nm of torque. With this engine option, the car weighing 15 0 kg accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 12.2 seconds with an 8-speed automatic transmission and reaches a top speed of 200 km. Consuming 5.3 liters of fuel in the city, 3.8 liters in the city and 4.3 liters in mixed use, the vehicle prioritizes efficiency and economy. . the 2.0-liter turbo gasoline variant is sold with a 9-speed automatic transmission. This 230 hp engine produces 350 Nm of torque. Car 7 from 0-100. it accelerates per second and reaches a maximum speed of 2 0 km. With this engine option, the 1660 kg vehicle consumes 9.1 liters in the city, 5.8 liters in the city and an average of 7 liters of fuel. Thanks to its powerful engine and 4x4 traction system, the car with high performance and strong handling offers a sporty and high-class driving experience.

What are the features of Opel Insignia?

Simply and elegantly furnished, the car offers passengers a comfortable and comfortable journey with its spacious living area and equipment. The ergonomically arranged front and center consoles are designed so that the driver can easily reach all points. Heated, cooled, adjustable massage seats with leg support and electronic memory provide a very comfortable and smooth ride and a high level of comfort. The leather used on the seats and the interior of the car shows high quality. The 8-inch touchscreen multimedia system with navigation systems supported by Apple Car Play and Android Auto offers an experience that can be personalized with different modes and many visual options. The high-resolution digital imaging system is designed so that the driver can easily and instantly access all the information of the car. 

Opel Insignia Side View

Electronic parking brake, keyless entry and start-up, automatically dimming rear and side mirrors, rain sensor and dual-zone digital climate control provide an enjoyable ride. Opel Insignia offers easy driving and parking in tight spaces thanks to its advanced parking system, reversing camera, parking sensors and blind spot warning system. It offers a semi-autonomous driving experience with a Collision Avoidance System, Tracking Distance System, Lane Keeping Assistant, Adaptive Cruise Control and Pedestrian Detection. Intellilux dynamic LED headlights automatically adjust their intensity and provide a good viewing distance during night driving without disturbing drivers in the opposite lane. Thanks to its sharp design, the front and rear lights give the car an aggressive and dynamic appearance. The interiors, where technology and comfort are offered together, have been designed for passengers to have a pleasant and comfortable travel experience even Decently on the longest journeys. The customizable lighting system makes night driving fun with different color options. The darkened rear windows and additional details give the car a much sportier October look. Thanks to the controls and gear selectors built into the steering wheel, the driver can easily control the car's equipment. 

Opel Insignia Front Appearance

What about Opel Insignia Car Rental?

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