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Decked out with the design of the new Grandland X model, this vehicle continues to maintain its place among the important SUVs of the year, while attracting attention with its fully automatic transmission, turbo gasoline and turbo diesel engines. If we look at the Grandland X, the led lighting system and led daytime running lights made the car very nice.

Opel's bold and simple design philosophy has made the Grandland a unique SUV. The Grandland is much longer than a standard SUV with the iconic Opel Visor, its striking and sporty design and sharp German lines. Operl, Grandland, Hybrid, Interior Innovative and attractive Grandland Pure Panel digital detox cabin is waiting for you. This transformation in the driving experience sets it apart from the others in a unique way. The completely new interior of the Grandland has all the features you need, without clutter and distractions! Opel, Grandland, Hybrid, Wheels Important details There is no room for anything ordinary in the Grandland. Everything about the newest member of the brave and simple Opel family has been carefully thought out. For example, how impressive are the sporty and attractive lines of the alloy wheels in the 17", 18" and 19" series? Enjoy the uniqueness and discover Grandland's two-color body and roof combinations that attract attention on every journey. Opel, Grandland, hybrid, exterior, brand name More than one Jul The updated logo of Grandland reflects the new clean and simple world of Opel. Grandland is ready to open a whole new era in the driving experience.

Opel Grandland X Car Rental

What are the features of Opel Grandland X?

Do the headlights help you when driving at night? It was so until Grandland. Now there is a digital imaging unit that can scan an area up to 300 meters, detect pedestrians and living things while driving at night or in low visibility conditions. Thanks to this panel, you can see everything that comes to you and listen to you. Satisfied with this, Grandland also activates the emergency brake assist if it deems it necessary. In summary, when it comes to safer night driving; the Grandland is definitely not an ordinary SUV. 1 Opel driver assistance systems assist the driver within the system. The driver is still responsible for the driving task. Meet the IntelliLux LED® Pixel lamps, which are revolutionary in lighting technology. 

Opel Grandland X Car Rental

Grandland offers comfortable night vision with high-beam headlights that do not dazzle the eyes of passing drivers. Each lamp consists of 8 LED light elements that automatically turn on and off to adapt to traffic conditions. Grandland warns the driver audibly about dangerous situations. If another vehicle or pedestrian gets too close, it slows the vehicle down. A 360o visual experience even in the narrowest areas of Greatland. Finding and parking are now much easier with the advanced 360o surround camera, which instantly shows objects around the vehicle. Enjoy high safety and awareness while driving. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDP) allows you to take precautions in the event of an accident by alerting you when a vehicle accidentally leaves your lane. The Lane Keeping Assist System (LKA) actively reacts to dangerous driving and directs the vehicle back into the lane. The adaptive cruise control provides automatic acceleration and braking according to the vehicle in front, making long trips more comfortable. The system is active at speeds of 30-180 km/h and can completely stop the vehicle if it deems necessary.

Opel Grandland X 

By placing your foot under the rear bumper or pressing a button, you can quickly and easily open and close the motion sensor, which automatically opens the electric tailgate. Heated front and rear seats and heated windshield make cold winter days much warmer and more comfortable. Ergonomic front seats prevent back pain for the driver and passenger and improve driving comfort. With a range of diesel and gasoline engines, you will find the right engine for your needs at Grandland. Engine options: 1.2 turbo gasoline - 130 hp. / 230 NM 1.5 turbo diesel - 130 hp. / 300 NM Grandland's powerful engine option; It has an 8-speed automatic transmission and a fuel-efficient Start/Stop transmission. All diesel engines have new generation emission control technology.

Opel Grandland X Car Rental

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