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The Opel Combo is a light commercial vehicle model from the German automaker Opel that began production in 1986. The Opel Combo is a versatile vehicle designed specifically for urban trade and transport. The first generation Combo is based on the foundations of Fiat's Fiorino model.

The Opel Combo has been released with different generations and updates over time. These updates usually include components in terms of performance, safety and comfort. The vehicle offers various body types and comes with different engine options, thus providing users with options to suit their preferences and preferences.

Opel Combo

Combo is usually used for commercial operations such as working with cargo, cargo delivery, providing inner city. In addition, since it is a vehicle preferred by families, it is suitable for use in everyday life with its large internal volume and practical use.

Factors such as reliability, durability and low operating costs are the elements that increase the popularity of the Combo. Each generation is equipped with technological innovations and safety features, which ensures an abundance of driving and passengers.

General Technical Characteristics of the Opel Combo


Opel Combo

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1499 cc

Fuel Tank

50 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

4.3 (100 km)

Luggage Volume

950 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4403 mm


1848 mm

Vehicle Height

1841 mm

Opel Combo Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Opel Combo offers a stylish look that combines practicality and functionality.

Opel Combo Front Appearance

In general, the exterior design of the Combo includes the following features:

  • The Opel Combo usually has a compact and functional body design. This makes it easier to maneuver around the city and makes parking in tight spaces more comfortable.
  • The side wide doors of the vehicle, loading and unloading operations are being performed. High ceiling December offers more headroom and width in the interior.
  • The exterior design of the combo usually has angular lines and sharp lines. This helps the vehicle to maintain a strong and robust appearance.
  • A large shaped front grille and sharp headlights are prominent features of the Opel Combo's front design.
  • The Opel Combo usually offers different color options, which allows users to recognize their vehicles according to their preferences.

Opel Combo Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Opel Combo attracts attention with its usefulness, comfort and modern features.

Opel Combo Interior Design

Here are some of the features of the Opel Combo found in its interior design:

  • The inner world of the combo usually has a large and spacious structure. The high-ceiling design increases the starting distance while offering wide seats and comfortable travel for passengers with legs.
  • The Opel Combo usually has a modular structure. The fact that the rear seats are different or not, so that more loading space is obtained.
  • The general content of the vehicle control buttons and regulations is focused on easy access and use.
  • Refurbished Opel Combo models are usually equipped with modern information and entertainment systems. Multimedia systems with screens offer features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and navigation.
  • The Opel Combo can be equipped with various features to ensure comfortable driving. Among these features, there are options such as air conditioning, heated seats, electric cams, Deceleration.
  • There is usually plenty of storage space in the interior design.
  • Quality and durable features are usually used in the interior design of the Opel Combo.

Opel Combo Car Rental

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Opel Combo car rental services offer users a reliable, comfortable and economical transportation experience. Ideal for commercial activities, travel or relocation, the Opel Combo stands out among Decoupable vehicles.