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Opel Astra About

Designed and built in Germany: The new Astra offers exquisite details, an exciting driving experience and a unique experience with next-generation technologies. Get ready for a pleasant drive with turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, fast and smooth gear shifts.

Opel Astra Front View

Opel Astra Specifications?

The technical characteristics, design and price of the Opel Astra 2021 make it the most valuable model in its class. He has broken sales records in the US and around the world, and he is achieving this. Automatic transmission option. The new Opel Astra can produce 122-145 horsepower. You can choose the technical specifications of the new Astra models sold with the GS Line and Elegance hardware packages here. Compared to competitors, the equipment package of the new Opel Astra is quite complete. The new Astra features IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights, collision warning system with automatic emergency braking, lane departure indicator, lane keeping system and traffic sign recognition system. The options of fabric, crocodile leather or leather upholstery added later also make the Astra HB model very attractive. minibuses are especially practical, as they are practical and easy to use, therefore they are preferred by urbanites.  He will recognize the Opel Astra, which has been one of the best-selling vans for many years and meets the needs of users in a completely new form. The 2021 Opel Astra price also has new features. Opel is trying to offer different engine options and equipment packages for the new Astra in order to have a vehicle that meets the needs and expectations of users. 

Opel Astra Side View

Opel Astra, which is appreciated by users with its design and features and has been the center of attention of minibus enthusiasts for years, is trying to become a more useful car with its new features. Opel Astra, which is offered for sale with hardware packages and extras, offers it to the taste of users of different budgets.Astra, which has been largely digitized like all its competitors, provides access to its functions via a 10-inch multimedia screen, as well as physical buttons added for certain functions. It is surrounded by a 10-inch digital instrument panel located behind the new three-spoke steering wheel.

The Interior of the Opel Astra

 Opel Astra 1.5d Elegance AT

  • Engine type: 9-Speed Automatic.
  • Horsepower: 122 Hp.
  • Top speed: 205 Km/h.
  • Acceleration 0-100 km: 10.9 sec.
  • Urban fuel consumption: 5.3 liters
  • Fuel consumption outside the city: 3.5 liters
  • Average fuel consumption: 4.2 liters
Opel Astra Side View

What about Opel Astra Car Rental?

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