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Mitsubishi Space Star Car Rental About

The Mitsubishi Space Star is a compact car produced by Mitsubishi Motors. introduced in 1998, the Space Star replaced the Mitsubishi Carisma before being rebranded as the Mitsubishi Mirage in 2013.

The Space Star is designed as a practical city car and stands out for its low fuel consumption. It is usually preferred as an economical and environmentally friendly option. The vehicle provides convenience to its users in city driving with its compact dimensions and the ability to maneuver easily on narrow streets.

Mitsubishi Space Star offers a spacious passenger space in its interior and allows the luggage space to be expanded by folding the rear seats. The vehicle has basic comfort features, but there are high-end models with luxurious and high-tech equipment.

Engine options include various gasoline and diesel engines, but I cannot provide up-to-date information about the complete list of available models and their technical specifications, because my information section expires in Dec 2021.

The Mitsubishi Space Star may be a suitable option for individuals looking for a convenient city car. However, before buying a car, I recommend that you do detailed research on current models and consult a dealer.

Mitsubishi Space Star Specifications

The generally offered features of the Mitsubishi Space Star may be as follows. However, it should be noted that these features may vary depending on the model and hardware level. Therefore, it is important that you obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information from the official Mitsubishi Motors website or authorized dealers.

Mitsubishi Space Star Car Rental

Engine and Performance:

Gasoline or diesel engine options (Engine displacement and power output may vary depending on the model and year of production)
Fuel efficiency and low emission values
Manual or automatic transmission options
Front wheel drive system

Interior and Exterior Design:

Compact and suitable dimensions for city driving
Spacious interior and spacious passenger space
Foldable rear seats and expandable luggage space
Stylish and modern exterior design
LED headlights and rear taillights

Mitsubishi Space Star Car Rental

Comfort and Technology:

Air conditioning or automatic climate control
Trip computer
Multimedia system that can be integrated into voice and phone
Bluetooth connection and USB ports
Reversing camera and parking assistant
Electric windows and central locking system


ABS (Anti-Blocking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
Airbags (front and side airbags)
Hill departure support
Automatic emergency braking system
Tire pressure monitoring system

What About Mitsubishi Space Star Car Rental?

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