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The Mini Cooper Countryman is a compact SUV-class model of the Mini brand. First launched in 2010, the Countryman combines the classic design lines of the Mini with the concept of a larger and more convenient vehicle. While Countryman provides practicality in urban use, it is also suitable for long trips and light off-road conditions.

Mini Cooper Countryman Front Side View

Countryman is offered with various engine options. Gasoline, diesel and hybrid engine alternatives are available. Gasoline models usually offer more dynamic performance, while diesel engines provide fuel economy.

General Technical Characteristics of Mini Cooper Countryman


Mini Cooper Countryman

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1598 cc

fuel tank

47 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

6.0 (100 km)

trunk volume

450 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4097 mm

vehicle width

1789 mm

Vehicle Height

1561 mm

About the Exterior Design of the Mini Cooper Countryman

The exterior design of the Mini Cooper Countryman presents the iconic and distinctive features of the Mini brand in SUV form.

Here are the details about the exterior design of the Countryman:

The Countryman has larger dimensions and a more muscular appearance compared to the traditional models of the Mini. This gives the vehicle both a strong stance and a practical use area.Classic Mini design elements such as round headlights, wide front grille and short front and rear overhangs are also found on the Countryman. This gives the car both a modern and nostalgic look. The round LED headlights retain the Mini's signature design and provide a modern touch. Adaptive LED headlight options are also available.

Mini Cooper Countryman Rear Side View

The wide and prominent front grille gives the car a strong front appearance. There are chrome details around the grille. The front bumper and air intakes, which offer a dynamic appearance, give the car a sporty character. The high roofline and wide glass surfaces create a spacious feeling in the interior, while also offering a stylish silhouette from the outside. Protective plastic coatings on the fenders and side mirror covers add both an aesthetic touch and durability to the vehicle.

Offering practicality, the roof rails are suitable for roof transport systems and reinforce the adventurous spirit of the vehicle. The rectangular LED taillights draw attention with the Union Jack pattern and emphasize the Mini's British origins. Rear Bumper and Diffuser: The sporty-looking rear bumper and diffuser strengthen the vehicle's athletic posture.

The electric tailgate option makes it easy to use and provides a modern touch. The Mini Cooper Countryman offers a wide range of colors. In addition to bright and classic colors, double-tone color combinations are also available. it offers wheel options in different sizes and designs from 16 inches to 19 inches. These options can give the vehicle a sporty or stylish appearance.

The optional panoramic sunroof allows more light to enter the interior and creates a spacious feeling in the vehicle. Adding an off-road breeze, these features emphasize the rugged and adventurous character of the vehicle.

About the Interior Design of the Mini Cooper Countryman

The interior design of the Mini Cooper Countryman blends comfort, technology and style elements to provide its users with a pleasant driving experience.

Here are the details about the interior design of the Countryman:

Countryman offers a spacious environment to both the driver and passengers with its spacious interior. The high roofline and large glass surfaces create an open and bright feeling in the interior. High-quality materials used in the interior combine luxury and durability Decoupled. Soft textured surfaces, leather finishes and metallic details offer a premium feel.

Interior Design of the Mini Cooper Countryman

A modern and stylish digital instrument panel provides driving information in a clear and understandable way. This panel allows the driver to easily track information such as speed, fuel status and navigation. A large touch screen located in the middle houses a Mini Connected infotainment system. It offers features such as Apple CarPlay, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity.

The rounded lines and retro design elements preserve the classic design language of the Mini. The LED lighting around the large round screen in the middle offers both aesthetics and functionality. The driver and passenger seats are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort even on long journeys. Sports seat options offer more support and comfort.

High-quality leather trim options add a luxurious touch to the interior. Various color options and customization possibilities allow users to reflect their style. The heated and ventilated seats available on request provide a comfortable driving experience in all weather conditions.

The rear seats offer passengers a comfortable seating area with a wide knee and head distance. In addition, the rear seats can be shifted and folded independently. The large luggage volume provides sufficient storage space for daily use and long trips. Luggage capacity can be further increased by folding the rear seats. The electric tailgate provides ease of use and offers a practical solution, especially when your hands are full. The optional Head-Up Display projects driving information directly onto the windshield, allowing the driver to access the information without taking his eyes off the road.

Offering a premium audio experience, the Harman Kardon audio system takes music and media enjoyment to the next level. Adjustable ambient lighting in the interior offers the possibility to customize the interior atmosphere of the vehicle according to personal preferences. The interior has a variety of practical storage solutions, such as small item eyes, cup holders and door pockets. The controls on the steering wheel provide easy access to functions such as infotainment system, telephone and cruise control.

Mini Cooper Countryman Car Rental

If you are looking for style, comfort and practicality in your travels, the Mini Cooper Countryman car rental option is for you. Suitable for both urban use and long trips, this compact SUV will make your trips more enjoyable. you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid reservation.