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The MG Hs is a model in the SUV segment of MG, a sub-brand of the Chinese automaker SAIC Motor. The MG Hs is usually included in the compact SUV class and is especially popular in the European and Asian Sundays.

MG HS Front Side Appearance

It is usually offered with gasoline engines. There may be different engine options in different Sundays. The modern interior design comes with features such as a large touch-screen infotainment system, safety and driving assistance systems. It has a contemporary SUV design. Features such as large wheels, sporty details and a prominent front shutter are typical. It usually offers a spacious interior, has plenty of storage space and practical features such as folding rear seats

Technical Characteristics of MG HS



Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1490 cm3 / 90.9 cu-i

Fuel Tank

55 L

Urban Fuel Consumption

8.7 L (100 km)

Luggage Volume

463 Lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel


Fuel Consumption Outside the City

6.4 L (100 km)



Vehicle Length

45740 mm

vehicle width

1876 mm

Vehicle Height

1685 mm

The Return Camera

There is

Seat Heating

There is

MG HS Interior Design and Technical Characteristics

The MG Hs exterior design has the appearance of a modern and sporty compact SUV.

Here are some important features that define the exterior design of the MG Hs:

MG HS Rear Side View
  • The front shutter usually has a large and conspicuous design. LED headlights with fine and sharp lines add a dynamic atmosphere to the front design of the vehicle.
  • MG Hs comes in an athletic and muscular profile. Strong shoulder lines on the side and pronounced fender arches give the car a strong stance.
  • The raised roofline and slightly sloping rear window complete the sporty and modern look of the car. This design feature also provides more headroom for rear seat passengers.
  • Usually large and stylish alloy wheels play an important role in the exterior design of the MG Hs. The wheels complement the overall appearance of the vehicle and add a sporty air.
  • There are large windows at the back that provide easy rearview. The taillights are designed with modern LED technology and emphasize the width of the vehicle.
  • Notable details in the exterior design include chrome Decking, air intakes, body-colored bumpers and horizontally extending LED rear taillights. The exterior design of the MG Hs generally has a sporty, modern and attractive appearance.

MG HS Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of MG Hs has a modern, technological and convenient atmosphere.

Here are some important features that define the interior design of the MG Hs:

MG HS Interior Design
  • Instrument Panel and Controls: The interior of the MG Hs is usually equipped with a large and easy-to-read digital instrument panel. This panel provides the driver with important data about the performance and information of the vehicle. The controls are usually ergonomically arranged and provide easy access.
  • A large touch screen is located in the center console of the vehicle. This screen is usually used to control multimedia features, navigation, vehicle settings and connection options. Integrations such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can also be found in the interior of the MG Hs.
  • The interior of the MG Hs usually has spacious and comfortable seating areas. The front and rear seats are spacious and supported, providing comfort on long trips. The rear seats are usually foldable and can be used to expand the luggage space.
  • Quality materials are usually used in the interior design of MG Hs. This is combined with soft tissue coatings, leather upholstery options and modern details. The quality of the materials allows the vehicle to have a premium and luxurious feel.
  • There are usually convenient storage compartments in the interior. Ideal areas are provided for people to put their everyday belongings.
  • The lighting in the interior is usually equipped with modern LED technology. Atmospheric lighting and ambience options increase the overall comfort and aesthetics of the interior.

MG HS Car Rental

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