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What You Need to Know About MG 4

The MG 4 is an all-electric compact hatchback model produced by MG Motor. The MG 4 is designed specifically to compete in the European Sunday, providing an affordable and practical electric vehicle option. MG 4 stands out as an ideal option, especially for urban use and short-distance trips. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the MG 4 also attracts attention with the performance, technology and affordable price advantage it offers.

MG 4 Front Side Appearance

General Technical Characteristics of MG 4


MG 4

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

204 Hp (64 kw)


16.6 kWh/100 km

trunk volume

363 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is


435 km


64 Kwh

Vehicle Length

4287 mm

Vehicle width

2060 mm

Vehicle Height

1504 mm

About the MG 4 Exterior Design

The exterior design of the MG 4 is shaped by a modern and aerodynamic approach. This not only ensures that it is aesthetically attractive, but also positively affects range performance by increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

Here are some important features of the exterior design of the MG 4:

The MG 4 offers a dynamic and stylish exterior with sharp lines and flowing surfaces. This gives the car a sporty stance. The MG 4 is ideal for urban use with its compact dimensions, it can maneuver comfortably on narrow streets and parking lots. In the front design of the MG 4, the brand's characteristic thin and wide LED headlights attract attention. These headlights combine with daytime running lights to give the car a modern look. The front grille is minimally designed in accordance with the needs of electric vehicles and has a more closed structure in order to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

MG 4 Rear Side View

Aerodynamic air intakes are located at the bottom of the front bumper. These details meet both the cooling needs and reinforce the sporty appearance of the vehicle. In the side profile, there are pronounced character lines running over the doors. These lines add a dynamic atmosphere to the vehicle and create a feeling of movement. The MG 4 offers different wheel design options. Usually, sporty-looking alloy wheels with an aerodynamic structure are preferred. Aerodynamic mirrors and door handles compatible with the body ensure the integrity of the design.

The rear lights of the MG 4 are equipped with LED technology and have a thin and wide structure. These headlights offer a stylish rear view while increasing the visibility of the vehicle at night. In the rear part there is a spoiler and a wide tailgate, which supports the aerodynamic structure of the vehicle. The taillights integrated into the tailgate also add a modern touch.

There is no exhaust outlet because it is an electric vehicle. Instead, a sporty rear design is complemented by an aerodynamic diffuser detail. MG 4 caters to the personal tastes of users by offering various color options. In addition to vibrant and bright colors, more classic and sophisticated shades are also available.

About MG 4 Interior Design

The interior design of the MG 4 is equipped with modern technology, comfort and user-friendly features. Along with the extensive interior advantages offered by electric vehicles, the interior design of the MG 4 has also been designed to make the best use of these advantages.

Here are some important features of the interior design of the MG 4:

MG 4 attracts attention with its large internal volume. The flat floor design provided by the electric vehicle platform makes the interior space more spacious and spacious.High-quality materials used in the interior increase comfort and durability. Soft-touch surfaces and premium fabric or leather upholstery can be found.

MG 4 Interior Design

There is a fully digital instrument panel for the driver to easily access information. This panel clearly shows important information such as speed, battery status, range. A large touch-screen infotainment screen is located on the center console. This display provides access to navigation, media, vehicle settings and connection options. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Ergonomic and comfortable seats offer comfort even on long trips. Features such as heating and cooling may also be available on some hardware levels. The multifunctional steering wheel allows the driver to perform many operations without taking his hands off the steering wheel.

The MG 4 is equipped with modern connection options. Features such as Bluetooth, USB ports and wireless charging are offered. The high-quality sound system makes journeys more enjoyable. MG 4 is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, parking assistant, blind spot warning system. These systems increase safety and improve the driving experience.

The MG 4 offers a variety of storage areas. There is a spacious storage compartment in the center console, in-door pockets, cup holders and mesh pockets behind the front seats. The luggage space expands when the rear seats are tilted, offering sufficient storage capacity for everyday use. Thanks to the electric vehicle platform, the trunk floor has a wider and flat structure.

Comfort and Air Conditioning Dual-Zone Climate Control: The dual-zone automatic air conditioning system provides ideal temperature conditions for both the driver and the passenger. The ventilation vents are also optimized for the rear passengers, so that the comfort of all passengers is ensured.

Interior ambient lighting offers the possibility to customize the atmosphere of the vehicle interior. It provides a pleasant environment for the driver and passengers with different color options. The interior design of the MG 4 combines technology and comfort to provide an enjoyable driving experience for both the driver and passengers. Dec. Modern features, high-quality materials and a spacious interior make the MG 4 an attractive option.

MG 4 Car Rental

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, modern and environmentally friendly models such as MG 4 stand out in the car rental sector. MG 4 car rental offers its users both a comfortable and economical driving experience. Besides, with it, it is also possible to make reservations through online booking platforms and mobile applications, which makes the process even easier.