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Mercedes Sprinter Detailed Review

The Mercedes Sprinter is a series of commercial vehicles produced by the German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. First launched in 1995, the Sprinter appeals to a wide range of users in the light commercial vehicle segment.

This tool, which is usually used for commercial purposes, is available in various configurations and can be customized for different needs. The Sprinter offers different body types, engine options and loading space volumes.

Mercedes Sprinter Front Appearance

There are different models such as panel van, minibus, van. In addition, it is offered with diesel, gasoline and hybrid engine options to suit various driving needs. The sprinter's large internal volume, load-bearing capacity and reliability make it a popular choice for commercial use. In addition, the Sprinter, which also has modern technologies in terms of safety and driving characteristics, is a preferred vehicle among business owners and commercial users Dec.

General Technical Characteristics of the Mercedes Sprinter


Mercedes Sprinter

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

2143 cc

fuel tank

75 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

8.2 (100 km)

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

5961 mm

vehicle width

1993 mm

Vehicle Height

2609 mm

Mercedes Sprinter Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Mercedes Sprinter has a modern style that Deconstructs functionality and aesthetics at the same time. Usually designed in an aerodynamic way, the Sprinter has rounded lines and a streamlined appearance. The design, which prioritizes functionality, is combined with a large cargo area that offers a large loading capacity.

In its front part, there is a large radiator grille along with large and highly positioned headlights. This gives the front design of the vehicle a strong and elegant appearance. Stylishly integrated fog lights and aerodynamic lines extending forward allow the Sprinter to have a dynamic appearance.

Mercedes Sprinter Front Side Appearance

In the side profile, it usually attracts attention with a long wheelbase and a high ceiling. Practically accessible sliding doors and large glass areas offer a wide viewing angle to the driver and passengers. In addition, the clean and flowing lines on the side panels allow the car to display a modern style. Jul.

In the rear part, there is usually a large and practical loading area. Convenient back doors allow loading and unloading loads easily. The rear taillights and bumper design also complement the Sprinter's exterior appearance.

As a result, the exterior design of the Mercedes Sprinter successfully strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics and offers both an attractive and practical option for commercial use. Dec.

Mercedes Sprinter Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Mercedes Sprinter aims to provide a comfortable and functional space for the driver and passengers. It usually has a spacious and spacious interior and is ergonomically designed.

In the front cabin, there is a driver-oriented arrangement. The driver's seat and steering wheel usually have adjustable features, thus adapting to different driver sizes and preferences.

Mercedes Sprinter Interior Design

The control panel and instrument panel are located in a position that is easily accessible to the driver and usually have a modern design. For passengers, spacious and comfortable seating areas are offered.

A large interior volume and usually high ceiling are offered so that passengers can travel comfortably. Passenger seats are usually equipped with comfortable cushions and adjustable features.

Storage areas also hold an important place in interior design. The sprinter is usually equipped with various storage compartments, cup holders and eyes, so that the driver and passengers can easily store their small belongings.

Also in terms of safety and technology, the sprinter usually has a rich internal equipment. Features such as safety systems, important driver assistance systems and infotainment systems are available. Especially with the technology that has developed recently, the Sprinter's interior design has become even more luxurious and innovative.

Mercedes Sprinter Car Rental

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