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The Kia Xceed is a compact crossover SUV model produced by the South Korean automaker Kia. It was first released in 2019. Kia Xceed offers gasoline, diesel and hybrid engine options. These engines usually stand out with their high efficiency and low emission values. Xceed offers a comfortable driving experience for both urban and long trips. The suspension system improves handling and increases driving comfort.

Kia Xceed Front Side Appearance

Kia Xceed General Technical Specifications


Kia Xceed

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1482 cc

fuel tank

50 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

6.4 (100 km)

Bagaj Hacmi

426 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4395 mm

vehicle width

1826 mm

Vehicle Height

1495 6mm

About Kia Xceed Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Kia Xceed attracts attention with a sporty and contemporary look.

Here are some important features of its exterior design:

The Xceed's high roofline offers an SUV-style stance while providing a more spacious interior. Wide fenders give the car a more muscular appearance and allow it to stand strong on the wheels. The sharp lines of the Kia Xceed on the body emphasize dynamism and modernity.  The aggressive approach angle in the front design helps the car to maintain a stable stance. The "Tiger Nose" grille, Kia's signature design element, adds a strong character to the front area.

Kia Xceed Rear Side View

The sharp LED headlights offer a modern look and provide better visibility when driving at night. The air intakes located in the front bumper improve aerodynamic performance and provide cooling. The extended LED taillights make the rear of the vehicle more visible and increase visibility at night. The sporty diffuser on the rear bumper gives the car a dynamic appearance and increases aerodynamic efficiency. The windbreaker located on the roof line of the vehicle increases aerodynamic performance while at the same time offering a visually attractive detail.

About Kia Xceed Interior Design

The interior design of the Kia Xceed offers ease of use and comfort-oriented details along with a modern look.

Here are some important features of its interior design:

The Xceed's spacious interior offers a comfortable driving experience for both the driver and passengers. There is plenty of knee distance in the back seat. The materials used in the interior are of high quality and durable. Soft-touch coatings and stitching details offer a premium feel.

Kia Xceed Interior Design

The layout of the control buttons and displays makes it easier for the driver to access and offers a driving-oriented layout. The large touch screen provides easy access to the infotainment system and supports smartphone integration. There are many storage spaces in the interior, so it becomes easy to store your belongings in an orderly manner. The Kia Xceed offers an advanced infotainment system, which is usually controlled via a large touch screen. Features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are usually offered as standard.

Some models have a digital instrument panel, which allows the driver to easily see important information. The wireless charging feature provides enhanced comfort for charging your smartphone. Some models have heated and cooled seats, which provides maximum comfort while driving. The Xceed's large luggage volume offers enough storage space for long trips or everyday use.

Kia Xceed Car Rental

Kia Xceed is a vehicle that stands out with its stylish design, spacious interior and modern technological features. With the car rental option, it is quite easy to experience the Kia Xceed and make comfortable, safe trips. For those who are looking for comfort and performance both in the city and on long trips, Kia Xceed car rental is an ideal option. you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid reservation.