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The Kia Sorento is a popular SUV model produced by the South Korean automaker Kia Motors. First released in 2002, the Sorento has undergone significant updates and redesigns over the years. It attracts attention with its spacious interior, powerful engine options and modern technological features.  Kia Sorento is offered with gasoline, diesel and hybrid engine options in different Sundays. The most popular engine options include a 2.5-liter turbo gasoline engine and a 1.6-liter hybrid engine.Dec.

Kia Sorento Front Appearance

General Technical Characteristics of Kia Sorento


Kia Sorento

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1598 cc

fuel tank

67 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.9 (100 km)

trunk volume

608 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


type of fuel

Benzin/ Hybird



Vehicle Length

4810 mm

vehicle width

1900 mm

Vehicle Height

1695 mm

About the Exterior Design of the Kia Sorento

The exterior design of the Kia Sorento attracts attention with its modern and stylish lines. Offering a powerful and dynamic appearance both in the city and on long trips, this SUV fills the eye with design details.

Here is detailed information about the exterior design of the Kia Sorento:

The Kia Sorento exhibits a strong stance with its muscular and dynamic lines. These design elements give the car a modern and sporty look. Sharp lines and pronounced details emphasize the aerodynamic structure of the vehicle. Kia's iconic "Tiger Nose" front grille gives the front part of the Sorento a characteristic look. This wide and distinctive grille reinforces the strong and aggressive stance of the vehicle. LED headlights with a sharp and modern design provide excellent lighting for both day and night driving. LED daytime running lights enhance the premium feel of the vehicle.

Kia Sorento Rear Side View

The front bumper with innovative design offers a sporty and dynamic appearance. Fog lights provide extra illumination in low visibility conditions. The side profile of the Sorento attracts attention with flowing and elegant lines. These lines give the vehicle a modern and dynamic appearance.various wheel options from 18 inches to 20 inches add a sporty air to the vehicle. The rim designs have been carefully selected both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The high roofline and large glass areas make the interior of the vehicle more spacious and bright.

LED taillights with a modern and stylish design give a sophisticated look to the rear of the vehicle. These lamps provide high visibility when driving at night. The sporty design of the rear bumper and diffuser emphasizes the aerodynamic structure of the vehicle and exhibits a sporty stance.

The wide-opening tailgate facilitates loading and unloading operations. The electric tailgate option offers comfort and practicality. Kia Sorento is available in various color options. Metallic and matte color options allow the vehicle to be personalized. Chrome-plated details enhance the luxurious and premium feel of the vehicle. Chrome details used on the front grille, window frames and door handles reinforce the elegance. The Sorento's design has been optimized to increase aerodynamic efficiency. This improves fuel efficiency and reduces road noise. The rear spoiler and side windbreakers improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and support its sporty appearance.

About Kia Sorento Interior Design

The interior design of the Kia Sorento is designed to offer a spacious and comfortable living space. Equipped with modern technology, high-quality materials and ergonomic details, the interior provides both a comfortable and stylish driving experience for the driver and passengers.

Here is detailed information about the interior design of the Kia Sorento:

The materials used in the interior of the Sorento offer luxury and durability. Soft-touch surfaces, high-quality leather upholstery and elegant details enhance the premium feel of the vehicle. All controls are placed in such a way that the driver can easily access them. The center console, instrument panel and door interiors are designed to provide ease of use.

The Sorento has a capacity of seven passengers with a three-row seat layout. Both the front and rear seats are ergonomically designed to provide comfort even on long journeys. The front seats are equipped with electrical adjustment, heating and ventilation features. These features increase the driver and passenger comfort.

The second row seats offer wide legroom and are scrollable. The third row seats expand the luggage space by folding when necessary. USB ports and ventilation vents located in the rear seats increase the comfort of passengers. The large touch screen on the center console supports features such as navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity. This system attracts attention with its user-friendly interface and fast response time.

Kia Sarento Interior Design

A high-quality sound system enriches the music and media experience. At the upper hardware levels, a Harman Cardboard premium audio system can be found. The driver information display is a digital display that shows speed, fuel consumption, navigation instructions and other important information. This display provides information with high resolution and clear graphics.

Advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, blind spot warning system and emergency braking improve driving safety. The dual-zone automatic air conditioning system offers separate temperature settings for front and rear passengers. This increases the comfort of all passengers.

The Kia Sorento offers a variety of storage areas. Areas such as the center console, door pockets, cup holders and a large glove compartment allow you to keep your belongings organized. The luggage space expands significantly when the third row seats are folded, making it easier to transport large items.

The ambient lighting used in the interior makes the interior of the vehicle more attractive and creates a pleasant atmosphere when driving at night. Sorento offers a variety of color and upholstery options for the interior. This allows you to personalize the interior of the car. Leather and fabric upholstery options are available in different hardware levels.

Kia Sorento Car Rental

Car rental is an excellent solution, especially for long trips and holidays. With its large interior volume, superior performance and modern technological features, Kia Sorento is an ideal choice for your car rental needs. you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid reservation.