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Hyundai Bayon is a zero car produced in 2021. The vehicle attracts attention with its technical appearance and original design. In addition, the black grilles on the front are also quite stylish. It also has a stylish appearance with the LED lighting strip on the back. The vehicle is aimed at users who want to drive an SUV at an affordable price.

A car that made its name with its design. Its appearance is quite new and technological. First of all, it attracts attention with its black front grilles. It is also built on the i20 platform, another Hyundai model. The car also attracts attention with its rear side. There are also ironing marks, sharp lines.Hyundai Bayo Colors Aqua Turquoise Aurora Gray Dragon Red Ghost Black Arctic White Mangrove Green Brass Elegant Silver Intense Blue You can design according to your taste.

Hyundai Bayon 

Hyundai Bayon Features?

With this model, the brand offers a good solution for finding high-end cars at an affordable price. Bayon, which especially attracts the liking of those who want a long car, also attracts attention with its dimensions. It stands out even in the B-class SUV category. Bayon is a car that falls into the B-SUV category in terms of floor. The vehicle offers a spacious cabin in terms of its length and width. In addition, the trunk and other dimensions of the vehicle are as follows: Length (mm) 180 Width (mm) 1775 Height (mm) 1500 Cargo volume: 11 liters; With a large internal volume, the vehicle also attracts attention with its interior. Although the model is a B-class car, it is quite ambitious about its internal width. A long car gives him an airy impression.

Hyundai Bayon 

Bayon has the same four-spoke steering wheel that Hyundai uses in its next-generation cars. Bayon, which looks like a technology cockpit, also has a ghost screen according to the package. In addition, the vehicle has a seat structure that supports a sporty waistline. There are also 2 USB charging ports in the cabin. The car takes into account the rear living space and the comfort of the rear passengers. A spacious and airy back room has been designed. Since it is a B-class car, the knee distance inside the vehicle is not very wide. Since the New Bayon's axle tunnel is not wide, it allows a third passenger to travel comfortably. You can see the USB port on the back seat of the car. There is also a peak lamp on the back. The engine options are different. The bayon produced in our country is offered to users with two types of motors. The starting package of the vehicle includes a proven Hyundai brand engine, a 1.4 MPI engine. Also Bayon1. MPI automatic and manual transmission options are also offered to users. It also has a 1.0 T-GDI DCT engine. However, the model with a 1.0 T-GDI DCT engine is sold only with an automatic transmission.

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