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The Hyundai Accent Blue model started its life with significant changes compared to previous Accent models. Previous generations had more rounded lines, but the current model uses large details and heavy transitions to draw attention to the vehicle. The most noticeable feature in the front part with an aggressive design is the fog lights, which are elongated at the bottom. The line started from the upper corner of the fog lights and continued to the Accent Blue rear stop group. Equipped with modern-looking LED daytime running lights, the car offers a good visibility at night with a lens headlight structure. Despite the strong appearance of the vehicle with its shoulder line and protruding fenders that start from the fender and extend to the profile of the vehicle, the 16-inch rim size does not complete the appearance when it does not fill the space. The use of 14-inch clamshell wheels on the base model does not attract the passenger very much. With the spoiler tailgate and sporty taste strip on the back, the Hyundai Accent Blue is a car that attracts attention with big stops, especially in the evening. The biggest disadvantage is that the trunk lid cannot be opened from the outside using the button on the rear door.

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What are the Characteristics of Hyundai Accent Blue?

Compared to previous generations, the Accent Blue interior now offers much more comfort and technological innovation. The multimedia screen located in the middle of the center console of the vehicle, which is presented together with the upper equipment package, both decorates the cabin and saves the vehicle from the parking atmosphere. While the Hyundai Accent Blue retains its "fleet car" image, small details like this are crucial to enhance its appeal. Accent, which offers plenty of living space at the front and rear, is a car that does not have a shortage of space thanks to its two-color interior. The number of small storage spaces is enough for the entire interior, but the quality of materials and workmanship, unfortunately, lags behind most competitors. Although the double color used increases the feeling of quality, the careful eye immediately notices the hard plastic material and ergonomic problems. In addition, the blue lights used in interior lighting sometimes cause difficulties for the driver when driving at night.

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Hyundai Motor offers users a choice of two Accent Blue engines. These are a 1.4-liter gasoline engine producing 100 PS of power and 133 Nm of torque, and a 1.6-liter diesel engine producing 136 PS of power and 260 Nm of torque. The fact that both engines can be received with an automatic transmission makes Hyundai quite strong in this regard. Our guest was the 1.4 liter gasoline engine and the accompanying CVT transmission. According to factory data, this combination, which has a combined consumption of 6, liters, needs about 7.5 liters of fuel in real driving. This value is not high for a gasoline car. Keeping consumption low is the vehicle's continuously variable CVT transmission. although it is 100 hp. although the engine is quite impressive on paper, the CVT box unfortunately cannot transfer this power to the road very well. The slow-reacting CVT transmission makes the car move quite heavily during both initial and medium acceleration. Hyundai Accent Blue EuroNCAP crash safety was implemented only in 1998, after which it received 0 stars. However, no results have been obtained from the vehicle in the last 20 years. 

Hyundai Accent Blue Side Appearance

Although the model did not offer any safety features at that time, the current model comes standard with ABS EBD BAS, driver and passenger airbags, ESP and VSM. Side and security curtains can be purchased with the Prime version. Comfort and Handling The Hyundai Accent Blue's front suspension system is independent of McPherson, while a two-point torsion bar is preferred at the rear. This combination provides sufficient suspension comfort for a vehicle weighing 1135 kg. The shock absorber is a very good suspension system that does not reflect too much noise in the cabin, increasing comfort with ease of use. Like the test car, the Accent's steering system, which is also quite successful thanks to the 16-inch wheels, reacts a little slowly. With its more comfortable settings, Harmony's chassis is also not very sensual. Because Hyundai did not prepare the car with performance in mind, the car was thrown from the front in many fast corners. Although ESP intervenes quickly, Hyundai Accent Blue gives the feeling that it prefers urban roads. With improvements in insulation compared to previous versions, Accent continues to reflect noise to the interior, although it is better than most of its competitors in this regard.

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