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Ford Tourneo Connect Detailed Review

The Ford Tourneo Connect is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) manufactured by Ford. First launched in 2002, the Tourneo Connect has also been a popular choice for families and individuals, although it is a van designed specifically for commercial use. The vehicle attracts attention with its flexible interior design, large luggage volume and various engine options. Engine Variety Gasoline and diesel engine options are available at power and efficiency levels.

Ford Tourneo Connect Front View

General Technical Characteristics of Ford Tourneo Connect


Ford Tourneo Connect

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1968 cc

fuel tank

50 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.5 (100 km)

trunk volume

1529 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4500 mm

vehicle width

1338 mm

Vehicle Height

1855  mm

Ford Tourneo Connect Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Ford Tourneo Connect combines functionality and modern aesthetics, Decoupling it into an attractive option for both commercial and personal users.

Here are the highlights of the exterior design of the Ford Tourneo Connect:

Stylish Front Grille: The wide and striking front grille gives the car a powerful and modern look. High-performance LED headlights provide excellent illumination for both day and night driving.

Ford Tourneo Connect Rear Side View

With its aerodynamic and robust structure, it increases vehicle safety and offers a dynamic appearance. The Tourneo Connect's box-shaped design provides maximum space in the interior. Electric and heated side mirrors offer a wide viewing angle and safety.

Sliding doors located on both the right and left sides allow you to easily get on and off even in tight spaces. High Back Door: The high opening angle of the back door allows large loads to be loaded and unloaded easily. The rear lights with a modern and stylish design add an aesthetic touch to the rear of the vehicle, while also increasing safety. With its robust structure, the rear bumper adds durability and safety to the vehicle. Different Wheel Options: With various wheel designs, the vehicle can be customized according to personal tastes and needs.

Durable and long-lasting tires provide optimal performance for both urban and extra-urban driving. The aerodynamic design of the Tourneo Connect reduces wind noise while improving fuel efficiency.

The high ceiling and wide doors maximize loading and passenger comfort. The stylish and modern exterior design makes the car attractive for both business and personal use. Different color options allow users to customize their vehicles according to their personal tastes. The vehicle can be equipped according to personal needs with optional accessories such as roof rails, side steps and rear parking sensors.

Ford Tourneo Connect Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Ford Tourneo Connect combines comfort and functionality by offering a large and flexible space Decoupled. Ideal for both commercial and personal use, this vehicle is equipped with modern technologies and manufactured with high-quality materials.

Here are the highlights of the interior design of the Ford Tourneo Connect:

The high ceiling and large interior volume provide plenty of space for both passengers and cargo. The rear seats can be easily folded and removed, so the load space can be adjusted according to need. seating arrangements for 5 and 7 people cater to different needs. Seats with ergonomic design provide comfort even on long trips.

Ford Tourneo Connect İç Tasarım

The driver's seat maximizes personal comfort with height and depth settings. Heated front seats that increase comfort in cold weather. The combination of digital displays and analog indicators clearly provides the driver with the necessary information. Ford's SYNC system offers touchscreen, voice commands, Bluetooth and smartphone integration.

Equipped with plenty of storage space and user-friendly control elements. Door pockets, glove compartment, under-armrest storage space and more small items compartment. When the rear seats are folded, they offer a large space for large loads.

High-quality fabric and leather options provide durability and aesthetics. Soft-touch materials have been used on frequently contacted surfaces such as torpedoes, door panels and seats. Easy access to navigation, music and applications with inlaid phone integration. Integrated GPS navigation makes journeys easier and stress-free. High-quality sound system enhances the enjoyment of music and radio. Automatic distance protection at the set speed.

Warning and corrective intervention in lane violations. Increases safety with automatic braking in sudden situations. Separate temperature settings for the driver and passenger area. Additional ventilation ducts for the rear seats. Oct. Adjustable LED lighting that increases the indoor ambience. Separate reading lamps for each seat.

Ford Tourneo Connect A4 Car Rental

Car rental offers a comfortable and practical transportation solution both for business trips and holidays. Vehicles that offer especially large interior volume and flexibility are ideal choices for families and groups. Ford Tourneo Connect car rental is one of the popular options that meets these needs. you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid car rental reservation.