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Ford Kuga Car Rental About

The Ford Kuga is a compact SUV model produced by the American automaker Ford and sold since 2008. Designed for Ford's European Sunday, the Kuga has been developed with various updates and innovations over four generations.

The Ford Kuga has a sporty and attractive exterior design. Usually presented as a five-door crossover SUV, the Kuga attracts attention with its modern lines and a strong stance. The vehicle, which offers a spacious cabin in its interior, is equipped with comfortable and high-quality materials.

Kuga's engine options usually consist of powerful and economical engines. Fuel options may include gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines.Dec. The vehicle can usually have a front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive system. Ford also offers the Kuga with a plug-in hybrid version, which provides an electric driving range and low emissions.

The Ford Kuga has a wide range of features and technologies. These features may include touch-screen infotainment system, navigation, reversing camera, automatic parking system, adaptive Deceleration, lane keeping system, blind spot warning system, driving aids and safety features.

Ford Kuga is usually considered an ideal option for families and people with an active lifestyle. Thanks to its large interior volume, high driving comfort and SUV features, it is a practical vehicle both in the city and on long trips.

Ford Kuga Specifications

The technical specifications of the Ford Kuga may vary depending on different engine options and equipment levels. Here are the technical specifications presented in general:

Engines: 1.5-liter gasoline EcoBoost engine:

Power output: Dec. 120 to 150 horsepower
Torque: Dec.210 to 240 Nm

2.0 liter diesel TDCi engine:

Ford Kuga Car Rental

Power output: Dec. 120 to 190 horsepower
Torque: Dec. 300 to 400 Nm

2.5-liter gasoline plug-in hybrid engine:

Power output: About 225 horsepower
Electric range: About 50 km


6-speed manual transmission
8-speed automatic transmission
CVT (continuously variable transmission)

Traction System:

Front wheel drive (standard)
Four-wheel drive (optional)

Ford Kuga Car Rental


Maximum speed: from 160 to 200 km/h (depending on the engine and transmission) Dec.
acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: About 8 to 12 seconds (depending on the engine and transmission) Deceleration time: 0 to 100 km/h Acceleration time: About 8 to 12 seconds (depending on the engine and gearbox)

Fuel Consumption:

Average consumption for gasoline engines: from 6 to 8 Deciliters / 100 km
Average consumption for diesel engines: from 5 to 7 Deciliters / 100 km
Electric range for plug-in hybrid engine: About 50 km


Length: About 4.6 meters
Width: About 1.8 meters
Height: About 1.7 meters
Wheelbase: About 2.7 meters
Luggage Volume: between 400 and 500 liters (with the rear seats upright) Dec.

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