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The Ford Galaxy is a large multi-purpose vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. First introduced in 1995, the Ford Galaxy was updated with a new design in 2006. The vehicle is generally aimed at the European Sunday and is known for its large interior volume, high comfort levels and various engine options.

The Ford Galaxy is often seen as an ideal option for families. It offers a large passenger space in the interior and has a carrying capacity of up to 7 people with interchangeable third-row seats.

Ford Galaxy'nin

It is worth monitoring emission values such as fuel economy and low emission levels. In terms of security, the Ford Galaxy can be equipped with a number of modern security features. These features may include systems such as automatic emergency Deceleration, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and blind spot warning system. Although the Ford Galaxy is generally popular in the European Sunday, other devices are also being sold. The vehicle attracts attention with its large interior volume, safety features and generally comfortable driving experience.

Ford Galaxy General Technical Specifications


Ford Galaxy

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1997 cm3

Fuel Tank

70 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.7 (100 km)

Luggage Volume

810 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4819 mm

The Vehicle Is

1884 mm

Vehicle Height

1811 mm

Ford Galaxy Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Ford's exterior design varies between the different models of the brand and varies according to the models because it is applied Decently.

Ford Galaxy Side View

However, in general, there are some obvious features in Ford's exterior design:

  • Ford models usually have large headlights and front grilles. This is a design feature that the brand uses to provide an aggressive and powerful look.
  • Most Ford models feature sharp lines and a dynamic November chassis. This allows the car to have a modern and sporty appearance. 
  • Dynamic and fluid lines are often used in Ford's exterior design. This gives the impression as if the vehicle is in motion.
  • Most Ford models are equipped with large and flashy wheels. This completes the look of the car and adds a sporty air. 
  • On some Ford models, the "Ford" logos are highlighted on the front and back, which are iconic elements of the brand, especially in the grille design.

Ford Galaxy Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Ford Galaxy attracts attention with its large interior volume and practical arrangement.

Ford Galaxy Interior Design

Here are some features of the Ford Galaxy in its interior design:

  • The Ford Galaxy is recognizable by its large dimensions and provides a spacious living space in this interior. It offers plenty of head and knee distance for passengers.
  • The interior design of the Galaxy has a flexible structure. The seats in the second and third rows can be easily changed or flat, so that the passenger space can be expanded or the loading space can be increased.
  • Ford, high-quality methods are usually used in the interior of the Galaxy. This creates a more luxurious atmosphere inside the vehicle.
  • The Ford Galaxy is usually equipped with various technological features. These may include features such as multimedia systems with touch screens, voice command support, focus vision camera and parking assistance systems Dec.
  • Ford designs the Galaxy's interior design with a focus on comfort and ergonomics. However, it increases the pleasure of driving and traveling even on long trips.
  • The Ford Galaxy usually has many storage and storage areas in its interior. This provides practicality in everyday use.

Ford Galaxy Car Rental

Today, Ford Galaxy vehicles are coming to the forefront as an ideal option to meet the travel needs of families. These spacious and comfortable multi-purpose vehicles offer an excellent choice for long trips, holidays and everyday use.

The spacious interior offered by the Ford Galaxy, flexible seat arrangements and modern technological features are ideally created to meet the needs of families. With car rental services, it offers an excellent option for families to have this comfortable and functional car experience.

By renting Ford Galaxy vehicles, they have everything they need for long and enjoyable trips. Car rental is a practical and convenient supplementary solution for short-term travel plans of families.