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Fiat Ulysse Detailed Review

The Fiat Ulysse is a minivan model produced by Fiat in 1994. It was first developed in conjunction with other brands such as Peugeot, Citroën and Lancia. Fiat Ulysse is known for its large interior volume, practical use and offering ideal transport solutions for families. Ulysse has various engine options and has experienced different generations and updates over time.

Fiat Ulysse Front Side View

Typically, these vehicles have a carrying capacity of 5 to 7 passengers and they offer a comfortable interior for long trips. Over the years, Fiat Ulysse and similar models have become popular options to meet the needs of families, companies and commercial users.

General Technical Characteristics of Fiat Ulysse


Fiat Ulysse

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1997 cc

fuel tank

75 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

6.8 (100 km)

Yolcu Kapasitesi


trunk volume

1300 Lt

Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

5309 mm

vehicle width

2204 mm

Vehicle Height

1940 mm

Fiat Ulysse Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Fiat Ulysse usually has wide, straight lines and a neat silhouette structure. Typically, a large windshield and wide side windows allow more light into the interior and give the driver a wide field of view. At the front, there is usually a large radiator grille and headlights.


Fiat Ulysse Side View

On the back side, there is usually a large tailgate and wide taillights. Ulysse's exterior design usually has a stylish and functional appearance. It has a large structure optimized for practical use and family transportation. The side profile of the vehicle reflects the minivan form factor, which offers a long wheelbase and a spacious interior.

Fiat Ulysse Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Fiat Ulysse focuses on a spacious and comfortable interior. Typically, they are covered with premium quality materials and equipped with user-friendly controls.

Interior design usually has the following features:

Ulysse has a spacious interior, usually capable of carrying 5-7-9 passengers. This is ideal for long trips or family transportation. Ergonomically designed seats are offered for the comfort of passengers. In addition, some models may have adjustable seat features.

Fiat Ulysse Interior Design

The interior has user-friendly control buttons and displays. This allows the driver and passengers to easily access the vehicle features. Ulysse is usually equipped with various storage compartments and practical details such as cup holders. This ensures order in the interior and makes it easier to use.

Typically, Ulysse has security-oriented features. These may include features such as child Decking, airbags, systems such as ABS and parking assistance.

Fiat Ulysse Car Rental

With its spacious interior and comfortable driving, the Fiat Ulysse is an excellent option for family holidays and long trips. If you also want to have a comfortable and enjoyable holiday with your family or friends, by comparing thousands of click-through vehicles on the website, you can create a reservation in the cheapest prepaid way to your budget.