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Fiat Panda Detailed Review

The Fiat Panda is a small city car produced by the Italian automaker Fiat since 1980. Panda is known for its compact dimensions, practical interior and fuel efficiency. It is a vehicle that provides maneuverability both in city driving and offers a comfortable ride outside the city. Fiat Panda is offered with different engine options and equipment levels.

Various power units offer a balanced choice Decoupled between fuel consumption and performance. It also offers a large usable space in the interior and is known for its practical storage solutions. The current generation Panda also attracts attention with its environmentally friendly engine options.

Fiat Panda Front Appearance

Usually ideal for city driving, this vehicle is known as an economical option in its class. Fiat Panda, which provides ease of parking both in the city and is suitable for use outside the city, has a wide fan base.

General Technical Characteristics of Fiat Panda


Fiat Panda

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

875 cc

fuel tank

35 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.1 (100 km)

Bagaj Hacmi

225 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


type of fuel




Vehicle Length

3705 mm

vehicle width

1662 mm

Vehicle Height

1657 mm

Fiat Panda Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Fiat Panda, despite being a practical and compact city car, has remarkable features.

Fiat Panda Rear View

Although it usually has a minimalist design, it has been characterized by vibrant color options and cute details. The Panda's front design is defined by rounded headlights and a grille that usually extends horizontally. The side profile of the vehicle usually has straight and simple lines, which offers a large space in the interior.

Details such as side mirrors and door handles that match the body color also attract attention. Its rear design usually features an upright glass that rises at an upward angle and simple, minimal details. The taillights are usually round or rectangular in shape and adapt to the overall appearance of the vehicle. The exterior design of the Fiat Panda is focused on its compact size and practical use, which provides maneuverability in the city. It has a style that is both modern and cute, which makes it attractive for a wide range of customers.

Fiat Panda Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Fiat Panda, despite being a compact city car, is focused on usability and functionality.

The interior usually has a minimalist design and attracts attention with practical storage spaces. The front console usually has straight and simple lines. There may be a large instrument panel and an infotainment screen (optionally) on the center console.

Fiat Panda Interior Design

The control buttons and functions are usually easy to use and are positioned within the driver's reach. There is usually plenty of storage space in the interior. Between the front seats, on the door panels and on the front console, there are details such as practical compartments and a Decanter.

The rear seats are usually foldable, so that it is possible to expand the luggage space. The materials used in Panda's interior design are usually durable and easy to clean.

More luxurious touches or color options may be offered on some equipment levels, which allows the car to be personalized. The interior design of the Fiat Panda is focused on ergonomics and usability to provide a practical driving experience in the city. Its user-friendly features and large internal volume provide convenience and comfort in daily use.

Fiat Panda Car Rental

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