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Fiat Egea About

Fiat Egea stands out from the rest in terms of both hardware and technical specifications. Click here for detailed reviews and comments! Fiat Egea, one of the cars that has attracted attention in recent years, has announced its name to a wider audience not only in terms of design, quality and comfort; but also because 70 percent of the engineers involved in its design and production are Turkish. Designed like a sedan, efficient and comfortable, Fiat Egea also has very energetic and sporty details in its design. Launched with the number "Out of the box and meets all your needs", Fiat Egea consists of three model variants: Egea Sedan, Egea van and Egea yağmur car. For more detailed information, you can review the Fiat Egea user reviews of these models with many features and decide which model is easier to buy.

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Fiat Egea Front And Side View

Features of Fiat Egea

First of all, it should be noted that Egea models have different characteristics from each other. B But in general, Fiat promises its users a large interior volume, volume, comfort and convenience, stylish appearance, ergonomic cabin, high performance and low fuel consumption in all Egea models. Fiat Egea station wagon, one of the most acclaimed models, attracts attention with its spacious interior. For this reason, it is preferred more by families. Chairs upholstered in high-quality fabric or optionally leather are designed with your comfort in mind. One of the most important features of the model is the fairly spacious trunk, which can be adjusted according to needs with a luggage capacity of up to 550 liters, and recommends it to both large and large families. carrying the load You can also use the Uconnect Multimedia with a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay support to use the reversing camera while parking, listen to your favorite music, read messages and e-books, listen to digital radio and just follow the news. System. It is located on the front console of the model, which also offers intelligent solutions. You can also view the navigation of your mobile phone from this screen. Egea SW offers many advantages to the user in terms of technical features. 1.6 If you like the 16V E-Torq AT6 gasoline engine, you can have a maximum power of 110 hp, a maximum torque of 152 Nm, a maximum speed of 192 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km to 11.7 km/h. h and average fuel consumption consumption is 6.3 (l/100km). If you want to use Fiat Egea 1.3 Multijet, your vehicle has the following characteristics: Maximum power 95 hp, Maximum torque 200 Nm, Maximum speed 180 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km is 12.3 km/h and average consumption is 3.7 ( l/h). 100km).

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What About Fiat Egea Car Rental?

To rent a car with Fiat Egea gasoline or diesel fuel preference at affordable prices you can make an online reservation through it. To make Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals, you can rent a car instantly by making inquiries via the Rent a car mobile application or our mobile website. You can rent Fiat brand vehicles instantly from dozens of suppliers and hundreds of vehicles. You can rent a car at very advantageous prices with car rental opportunities and business partnerships. click here for detailed information about him.