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Ds 7 Crossback About

DS Automobiles DS7 Crossback offers a comfortable travel experience with advanced driving aids, advanced suspension system, comfort equipment and technical equipment. The Ds Automobiles DS7 Crossback pioneered the brand's new design philosophy with its elegant and dynamic appearance, innovative design, sporty details and modern design lines. 

founded in 2009 as a sub-brand of Citroen, Ds Automobiles was established in 2014 as a separate brand to produce quality cars. in 2017, the all-new DS Automobiles DS7 Crossback car was developed. it went on sale specifically for the SUV class. The car, which has a length of 4573 mm, a width of 1895 mm and a height of 1620 mm, can therefore attract the interest of users who want to own a big and sporty car with its wide body structure and sporty design.

What are the Features of the Ds7 Crossback?

The DS7 Crossback Performance Line offers a wide range of equipment with So Chic and Grand Chic equipment packages. These specially designed devices meet the different wishes and needs of drivers. Electrically adjustable heated and cooled leather seats with massage function provide a comfortable and smooth ride for the driver and passengers. Car seats are specially designed for passengers to have a pleasant and comfortable travel experience on long trips. The Car's acoustic front and side windows soften external sounds and, together with the Focal sound system, provide a high-quality music experience.

Ds 7 Crossback

Users who are sensitive to music and sound quality can enjoy their favorite music throughout their journey thanks to this acoustic structure. it provides a pleasant technology experience with a 12-inch multimedia screen, wireless charger and smartphone support. The reversing camera, parking radar and parking radar help you to move comfortably, especially in narrow parking spaces and areas where traffic is heavy. 

Ds 7 Crossback

The chrome and piano black materials used in the interior have been successfully blended to create a first-class look. The leather materials used in almost all parts of the car show that there is no compromise on quality. With many adjustable and customizable options, the ambient lighting in the cabin provides visual pleasure, especially during night trips. the 12-inch high-resolution digital display offers you the opportunity to experience a technological driving experience with its functional functions, where you can instantly access all the information about the vehicle without being distracted while driving.

The digital display offers many customizable options to help you find the design you like, with different modes and viewing options. Automatic LED lights, called DS Active Led vision, provide the driver with a safe driving experience thanks to good visibility. LED headlights, which automatically adjust the light intensity during night driving, offer an effective lighting option without disturbing the vision of oncoming vehicles. your journey will be safe and comfortable thanks to the night vision system, lane keeping assistant, license plate recognition system, advanced safe braking system, fatigue detection system, active adjustable suspension system and collision prevention system.

Ds 7 Crossback

the 1.5-liter BlueHDi diesel engine produces 130 horsepower. and 300 Nm of torque. the car performs 0-100 km acceleration in 11.9 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 195 km. Consuming 4.2 liters of fuel in the city and 3.7 liters outside the city, the DS7 consumes an average of 3.9 liters of fuel at combined costs, providing an efficient and economical driving experience. The gasoline version is powered by a 1.6 liter Puretech engine, 225 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The car accelerates from zero to a hundred in 8.3 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 227 km. The car, which consumes 5.9 liters of fuel in average use, attracts attention with its performance. The new ecological engine with 1.6 E Tense hybrid technology is available with all-wheel drive. the new generation 300 hp hybrid model, which reaches a Deceleration speed of 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, offers a combination of high performance and efficiency. The E Tense engine with a fuel consumption of 1.5 liters has a driving range of 68 km in full electric use. An electric battery that supports fast charging in devices that support fast charging takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, but reaches full charging capacity in ordinary household devices in 8 hours.

Ds 7 Crossback

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