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Dacia Logan About

The Dacia Logan MCV is a Dacia model that has been produced since 2004. It is produced as sedan, truck, van and station wagon. The universal model is sold under the name Dacia Logan MCV. The fact that the Dacia Logo is the vehicle of taxi drivers in our country showed that the vehicle is a very popular model in Turkey.Logan MCV for all your needs Find a Logan MCV that you can rely on in any situation where there are many different lifestyles Decoupled between work and leisure. On short and long trips, you will admire its generous and modular interior with 5 real seats and a spacious trunk of 573 liters. You also benefit from useful technologies designed to make driving easier. The reliable Logan MCV offers maximum safety for all passengers.

Dacia Logan MCV Side View

Characteristics of the Dacia Logan

The versatile Logan MCV adapts to all aspects of your life and all your desires. Do you need space to move large items? As standard equipment, the rear seat, which can be tilted and folded in a ratio of 1/3-2/3, allows you to adjust the luggage space according to your needs. you have a full capacity of 2 people in the layout. long objects up to 2.7 meters long can also be transported.

Dacia Logan MCV Front Appearance

Thanks to its practical design and exemplary modularity, you can always rely on the Logan MCV! The Logan MCV has a luggage volume of 573 liters in the 5-seat configuration, which makes it quite practical in everyday life. Do you need more space? The luggage volume increases to 1,518 liters in the 2-seat configuration. Ideal for transporting large and bulky items! engine. The engine capacity is. 1.5 liters. Maximum power Maximum torque. 180. Maximum speed is. 157. Acceleration from 0-100 KM. 15.3 seconds ... SAVING Fuel consumption (urban) 5,5 LT. Fuel consumption (out of town) 4.2 LT. Fuel consumption (average) 4.6 LT. CO2 emissions are 119 g/km. sizes. The wheelbase is. 2905 cm. Length. 4473 cm. The width is 1740 cm. height length is 1640 cm.

The Interior of the Dacia Logan

What About Dacia Logan Car Rental?

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