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The Dacia Dokker is a light commercial vehicle produced by the Romania-based automobile manufacturer Dacia. Dokker was introduced in 2012 and is currently being sold with its second generation in production.

Dacia Dokker stands out with its large internal volume and practical use. With the tilting of the rear seats, you can get a large load area. It also provides easy access thanks to the side sliding doors. Dokker is popular for business uses due to its carrying capacity and functionality.

Dacia Dokker is offered with gasoline and diesel engine options. Engine options may vary from country to country and depending on the model year. Dacia usually offers economical engines that provide fuel economy and low operating costs.

In terms of safety, Dacia Dokker has basic safety features such as double airbags, ABS (Anti-Blocking Braking System), emergency brake assist system and electronic stability control as standard. Additional safety equipment may also be offered as an option. October 2015.

Dacia Dokker attracts attention with its affordable price and wide usage area. It can be a practical option, especially for small businesses, delivery companies and families. In addition, it is known as a long-lasting vehicle thanks to its simple and durable structure.

Dacia Dokker Car Rental

Dacia Dokker Specifications

The technical specifications of the Dacia Dokker may vary depending on different engine options and equipment levels. Below you can find the generally offered technical specifications:

Engine Options:

Gasoline Engines:

1.6-liter, 4-cylinder gasoline engine
The power output can usually be 84 horsepower or 113 horsepower.

Diesel Engines:

1.5 liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine
The power output can usually be 75 horsepower or 90 horsepower.


The Dacia Dokker is usually offered with a manual transmission. 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission options may be available. The automatic transmission option may be offered in some Sundays.

Dacia Dokker Car Rental


The performance of the Dacia Dokker varies depending on the engine options and transmission type. Overall, the Dokker has a good low-rev torque and offers enough performance for everyday use.

Fuel Consumption:

Fuel consumption also varies depending on engine options. The Dacia Dokker offers a generally economical fuel consumption and provides low operating costs.

Dacia Dokker Car Rental


Length: About 4.36 - 4.55 meters
Width: About 1.75 - 1.81 meters
Height: About 1.81 - 1.89 meters
Wheelbase: About 2.81 - 2.82 meters

Loading Capacity:

Dacia Dokker attracts attention with its load-carrying capacity. When the rear seats are tilted, you can get a large load area. The loading capacity may vary depending on the model and hardware level.


Dacia Dokker is equipped with basic safety features. Safety features offered as standard include dual airbags, ABS (Anti-Blocking Braking System), emergency Deceleration assist system and electronic stability control. Additional security equipment may vary depending on the hardware level. October 2019.

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