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Cupra Formentor Detailed Review

The Cupra Formentor is a compact crossover SUV model produced and marketed by Cupra, the sporty sub-brand of the Spanish automaker SEAT. The Formentor is the first original model of the Cupra and was launched in 2020. Cupra Formentor attracts attention with its sporty design, high performance and technological features.

It offers different engine options, which gives a wide range of power options. It comes with gasoline and hybrid engines and offers performance-oriented driving options. It also has high-quality features in the interior and an interior with modern technology.

Cupra Formentor

The Formentor is usually aimed at sports car enthusiasts, but it can also be attractive for families or everyday use due to its crossover design and practicality. It can be equipped with advanced driving assistance systems and safety features, while at the same time providing a safer driving experience to the driver.

Cupra Formentor General Technical Specifications


Cupra Formentor

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1498 cc

Fuel Tank

50 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

5.6 (100 km)

Luggage Volume

450 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4446 mm


1839 mm

Vehicle Height

1520 mm

Cupra Formentor Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Cupra Formentor Side Appearance
  • The front design of the Formentor has a wide and aggressive front grille. Sharp lines and dynamic details highlight the sporty character of the vehicle. 
  • Sharp and elegant headlights equipped with LED technology complement the modern appearance of the vehicle.
  • The Formentor has a coupe-style roofline and a crossover silhouette with dynamic lines. This is a sporty air qatar to the vehicle.
  • Flashy alloy wheels complete the car's aggressive course.
  • On some models, details such as side tags and air intakes have been added to enhance aerodynamic performance and emphasize the sporty style of the car.
  • The rear design features details such as a large and prominent rear spoiler and LED taillights, which usually have a wide and athletic appearance.

Cupra Formentor Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the Cupra Formentor offers a stylish, modern and technology-oriented appearance.

Kupra Biçimlendirici

Here are the main features of its interior design:

  • The inner world of the formentor is usually covered with high-quality materials. Premium features such as soft textured leather, aluminum or carbon fiber details are available.
  • Sporty design and free seats are preferred to increase the driving experience. These seats usually have features such as special stitching details or the Cupra logo.
  • The formentor is usually equipped with a digital instrument panel. This ensures that information and information in front of him is not easily visible and adds a modern touch.
  • A large touch screen in the view is used to control the infotainment system inside the vehicle.
  • Formentor usually offers various customization options for internal customization options. Different Decking colors, coating options and a choice can be made between them.
  • Formentor, genellikle konfor ve teknoloji odaklı bir iç mekân sunar. 

Cupra Formentor Car Rental

Cby renting an upra Formentor car, you can pamper yourself with a powerful driving experience. Whether you are traveling in the city or long-distance, the sporty performance of Formentor and the comfortable inner world-sized individuals will continue. Moreover, even when traveling as a family or by friends, you can increase your comfort thanks to the large interior volume. Using your online car rental platform, you can easily rent a Cupra Formentor. With just a few clicks, you can book your car on the desired date and start planning your next adventure. Thanks to flexible rental options and various packages, you can create a rental plan that suits your needs.