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Citroen Jumpy Car Rental About

The Citroën Jumpy is a commercial vehicle produced by the French automobile manufacturer Citroën. Jumpy is located in the light commercial vehicle segment and is specifically designed for commercial transport. The vehicle is offered in various configurations for different functions.

Citroën Jumpy is known for its high carrying capacity, spacious interior and practical use. To increase functionality, it is offered in various sizes and can be equipped with different engine options. The vehicle can be used as a panel van, double cab pick-up or minibus depending on the carrying capacity.

The interior of the Jumpy is spacious and versatile. It is designed in a convenient way for passenger and freight transportation. Depending on the needs of users, the rear seats can be removed or folded down, thereby obtaining more load-carrying space. In addition, it has features such as an ergonomic driving position and a user-friendly control panel.

In terms of safety, the Citroën Jumpy is equipped with modern safety systems and driver assistance features. Features such as ABS, ESP, airbags, traction control and hill start support can be offered as standard.

Citroen Jumpy Car Rental

In terms of fuel efficiency, Jumpy's engine options usually consist of diesel engines. Fuel consumption may vary depending on the power of the engine and the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle.

To summarize, the Citroën Jumpy is a practical and functional commercial vehicle. It has been designed to meet the needs of commercial transportation with its spacious interior, various configuration options and safety features.

Citroen Jumpy Specifications

The technical specifications of the Citroën Jumpy may vary depending on different engine options and configurations. Here are the features offered in general:

Engine Options: 1.6 liter BlueHDi diesel engine:

Power output: 95 hp
Torque: 210 Nm
Transmission: 5-speed manual

2.0 liter BlueHDi diesel engine:

Citroen Jumpy Car Rental

Power output: 120 hp/150 hp/180 hp
Torque: 340 Nm/370 Nm/400 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic

Load Carrying Capacity: Jumpy comes with panel van and double cab pick-up configurations offered in different sizes. The load-carrying capacity may vary depending on the vehicle dimensions, but usually averages between 1,200 kg and 1,500 kg. Dec.

Interior Space and Comfort:

Passenger capacity: It can vary between 2 and 9 people (in panel van and minibus models). Dec.
Luggage volume: It can vary from 4.6 m3 to 6.6 m3 (on panel van models). Dec.
Ergonomic driver's seat and user-friendly control panel.
Various optional features: Automatic air conditioning, trip computer, multimedia system with touch screen, reversing camera, navigation system, etc.

Citroen Jumpy Car Rental

Safety and Driving Assistance Systems:

ABS (Anti Blockage Braking System)
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
Airbags: Driver and passenger airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags (optional).
Hill departure support
Automatic headlight control
Intelligent speed limiter and cruise control
Rear parking sensors (optional)

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